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Stanley Ribbit Review

Baby Ribbit 3.25"Ribbit 3.5", Bull Ribbit 4.5
 Colors: 20+    Size: 3.5"    Pack Count: 6,5,3  Leg Style: Buzz     Scent: Garlic

Probably regarded as thee Buzz frog available on the market today  the Stanley Ribbit blows away the competition in almost all categories. If you are looking for a loud, bad ass thumping frog that will hold up all day long.. look no further                

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 5.0/5

The stanley Ribbit frog is one tuff momma, the body and legs of the frog are built thick and will last extremely well for multiple fish. 

the nose of the frog was build for use with a "screw on" hook, and will allow you to adjust or replace the as your day goes on.

Castability: 4.0/5

The castability of these frogs does change with the available sizes. Obviously I find that the best easiest to cast frog is the standard sized Ribbit. It seems to have the perfect weight and size ratio to cast and land very well. The worst of the bunch is the Bull Ribbit. Sure it has some nice weight to it and you can cast it a mile, but landing is not so easy. this frog really is a brute and may take some getting use to

Presentation: 4.5/5

As mentioned in the opening paragraph the Stanley Ribbit is known for its ability to tear up the water. Those thick legs and size 13 ft work harder then an Olympic athlete in a triathlon. Dont be afraid to burn these frogs over open water and over any nasty piece of cover you can find. they are build to withstand abuse and still perform to expectation

The only reason I was not able to give the Ribbit a 5/5 is that Im not super happy with the size options. I do find that the Bull Frog is slightly to heavy and requires you to fish it faster then you would like in order to keep it afloat. The Standard and the baby Ribbit are just a tad on the small size profile wise (personal preference). I would love to see an addition to the line-up that would see a 4" frog added, that may be heavier then the standard model but not so much of a tank as the Bull Ribbit.

Hook-Up Ratio: 3.5/5

These babies hook-up fairly well. They are designed for use with the Stanley Ribbit double take Hook, a double pointed hook similar to hollow body hooks. This hook screws on to the nose of the bait and you insert a point in each leg (just below the main body) Using this hook is a big help for sure. If you use a standard EWG hook or any single point frog hook, you will have to place it in the body of the frog where the plastic is the thickest. Like mentioned many times previous, I firmly believe that the heavier plastic does get in the way of your hook set as it is harder to bunch up when the fish strikes.

Availability: 4.0/5

In the USA, this is a fairly common bait and you should have no issues getting you hands on one.. Canada is a different storey. I have seen Stanley Ribbits in limited shops and have been relying on on-line stores for the bulk of my purchases.

As you can see below most of the big guns carry Stanley baits, so pick your favorite and place an order

Options & Price: 4.5/5

it does not get much better then this, the Stanley Ribbit not only has 3 size options but they are also available in 20+ colors. They offer an excellent mix of natural and high contrast color options. I like to run with the black. Lilly pad and various hot foot colors.

The price is right Bob, Ribbits are seldom found above $4 a pack, so for a standard version you are looking at about $0.79 a frog. As you go up to the Bull Ribbit you are looking at $1.33 a frog due to a smaller pack size (3)

Again the only reason they did not get a 5/5 here, is that although they have 3 size options, I just feel one size.. the perfect size.. is still missing (a 4inch)

Just some fun videos of the Ribbit in action

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Stanley  (??)

Tackle Warehouse ($3.99) * $3.79 for the Bull

Land Big Fish ($3.99)

Bass Pro Shop ($4.29)

For a frog that is available almost everywhere, there sure are some crazy variances in price and options. Even just looking at the 4 here, only LBF carries the "Baby" size, each place carries a different amount of colors and  I cant click on anything but a kit on the Stanley page, and the price of the kit does not look all that special. 


This frog has some pretty insane buzz/churn action, and it eats up some serious water, so it needs a serious rod. If you are throwing the standard or baby sized Ribbit you can get away with using a Dobyns 735c, but if you are throwing the Bull frog, you really need to beef up the rod and go with the 736c (a rod I usually hold back for a hollow body frog).

Hook choices here are important. If you want to maximize your hook-up percentage I recommend giving Stanley hooks a shot. They are designed for use with this frog and seem to work well. 

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  1. Does it come with hooks? And also whats really good colors? Thanks!