Monday, May 28, 2018

Z Man Pop Frog Z Review

 Pop Frog Z:   Colors: 5     Length: 4    Weight: NAz   Pack Count: 4

I've been sitting on this review for a couple seasons now, mostly because the influx of new frogs hitting the market each season make it hard to keep up, and secondly because Im not really a fan of Zman soft plastics and buy them only for the review process. With that said, lets take a look at the Zman Pop frog.

Manufactures Description :

Popping, gurgling, and pushing water with each rod twitch, Pop FrogZ float and maintain a horizontal profile - even when motionless on the water - thanks to their buoyant ElaZtech® construction. Their unique hybrid curly-paddle tail legs create incredible swimming leg making this one of the most versatile baits on the market for surface feeders. Take your topwater fishing to a whole new level!

Overall Rating: 6.6/10

Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality & Durability: 4.5/5

Zman is best known for the longevity of their Elaztech series of baits and the Zman Prop frog is no different. This frog can be fished all day long, for fish after fish, with almost no fear of loosing a leg or tearing up the bait.

The only real area of concern is if you accidentally place a Zman bait in with any of your other plasric baits, like a Japanese fishing fish, Zman baits eat the competition. 

Castability: 3.0/5

Like with the original Zman frog I find the Z Man Pop Frog to be awkwardly light weight which effects its castability by forcing  me to over power my cast in order to get the distance Im looking for. As we all know when trying to force distance into a cast we are sacrificing accuracy. With this in mind If I was to be fishing the Zman Pop frog I would focus on shorter targeted casts.

The long legs and body material can also decrease this baits effectiveness when skipping, I find the bait often trips over itself and doesn't  have the weight and density needed to get a nice skip.

Presentation: 3.0/5

I struggled with writing this portion of the review as the bait performs well on its own, but when compareid to other top water toads and popping toads it seems to be inferior. Like with the classic Zman frog I find that the use of the Elaztech material used to make the frog durable in turn hinders its performance on the water. The legs kick a little subtler then other frogs and the soft Elaztech month is not idea for popping and gives the water more of a push then a pop.

Perks to the Zman Pop?, like with other Zman products the Pop Frog Z floats when paused even when paired with larger hooks. Its long narrow body glides well when you give the rod tip a jerk and can be walked similar to a hollow body frog.

Hook-Up Ratio: 3.5/5

The Pop Frog Z  provides a decent hook-up ratio. The ultra soft and collapsible body will bend and squish in any direction, making it easy for the fish to get this whole frog in it's mouth.

The body material holds the hook well, and a back slot keeps your hook point hidden during the retrieve. If you like to rig it with a slight skin hook on the hook point be careful not to bury the hook to far in, as this material is so stretchy that it will hold the point and you wont be able to burry it home when the fish strikes

Innovation & Design: 3.0/5

Zman has always been a company at the for-front of innovation, you don't have to look to far to see that their 2 most recent innovations (the chatterbait and the Ned Rig) have taken the fishing word by storm the past few years. With that said when it comes to their frog baits the only real innovation they have is their Elaztech body material, and its place in fishing can be debated. I for one am not a fan.

Availability, Options & Price: 3.0/5

Since my last review of a Z-man product they have become much more readily available. They are easy to find at most online retailers and at local tackle shops even in the smaller markets. As for options the Pop Frog Z is only available in 4 colors and one size. The colors are pretty standard fair but most anglers should be able to find one that suits them.

As for pricing they are well priced at an average of $3.99 a pack. This sounds good off the hop but also remember that Zman ships these with only 4 frogs in a pack leaving your final price at approximately $1.00 a frog. (good thing they last)

Situations for Success:

When fishing the Zman pop frog I tend to focus on shorter targeted casts in medium to sparse cover. I feel I had the most success when fishing the Pop Frog Z at medium to high speed retrieves or when giving the bait sporadic twitches and pauses.

If you fish lakes loaded with toothy fish its also a nice bait to have in the boat to help stem the bleeding of going through pack after pack of your favorite soft plastic toad.

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Reaction Strike ($9.99)


I fished the Zman POP Frog Z on a Dobyns 734c or 735c which provides enough tip to easily cast this light weight bait as well as the power to pull fish out of cover. Try using a Diawa Tatula 150 with a 7.3:1 gear ratio and 40lb Daiwa x8 J-Braid.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Frog Addicts Unboxing Review - LunkerHunt Prop Frog & Prop Fish

Welcome to Frog Addicts Unboxing reviews.  Here you will get an up close and personal  look at at BassJunkies initial thoughts on each new frog fresh out of the package and long befor it hits the water. You cant always judge a book by its cover, or a frog from its packaging.

 No rehearsals, no scripts,  but maybe a few edits. 

This week we take a look at the LunkerHunt Prop Fish and Prop Frog.  This baits made a splash at Icast 2017 and are ready for on the water testing this season.

Product Description

The Lunkherhunt Prop Frog is an extremely efficient fish catcher. Able to move over pads, wood, and slop with ease, the Lunkherhunt Prop Frog features two prop feet that can cruise over cover, re-enter the water, and start churning back up without skipping a beat.

Moving plenty of water and creating a one-of-a-kind disturbance, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog’s double prop feet move plenty of water and make it easy for fish to track-down. Active and reactive fish cannot resist its call. When they hit, a full set of super-sharp weedless hooks are there to greet them.

Designed to deflect cover, but hang-on to fish, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog features an integrated hook system that encases the body and sits perfectly between the prop feet. Offered in a number of detailed colors, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog delivers an innovative and highly effective frog imitation.

Product Specs

Weight: 1/2oz
Length: 3.25"

Watch for a full on the water review coming this summer!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Frog Fishing Quick Tips - Jeff Chisholm

Frog Fishing Quick Tips is a Instagram tie in feature in which we personally reach out to respected anglers at all  levels and ask them 7 quick frog fishing related questions. It's time to get personal

This Months Angler is..... 

Jeff Chisholm

Jeff Chisholm is a multi-species, year round angler, educator and guide.  Although he has finished in the top ten in both bass and walleye tournaments in the U.S. and Canada, his true passion is promoting the sport of fishing and teaching others the fundamentals so that they can achieve their own fishing success.

In 2013, Jeff was invited to be a guest for a few episodes on Fish TV.  This proved to be a great relationship and following that season, he was asked to join the show as a co-host.  Fish TV is the leading fishing and outdoor media company in Canada, airing on 8 national networks in Canada and 2 networks in the USA, totaling over 1200 episodes of Fish TV in North America each year.

As a co-host of a weekly fishing radio show entitled Hooked For Life, as well as a frequent seminar speaker, his continued efforts in teaching other anglers how to target various species with a multitude of techniques is evident.

Want to learn more...

Instagram: @jeff.chisholm or @TeamFISHTV

Facebook: Jeff Chisholm or FISHTV

Monday, May 14, 2018

V&M Bayou BullFrog Review

Bayou Bullfrog:   Colors: 8     Length: 3.75    Weight:N/A   Pack Count: 5

If you previously read my review on the V&M Cyclone Buzz frog then you already know that Im not a huge fan of the Bayou Bullfrog as a stand alone bait. With that said the team at V&M did some interesting things design wise that I couldn't over look while scoring the frog.

Manufactures Description:

"V&M's Bayou Bullfrog is a soft plastic frog packed full of action. It's boot style feet kick aggressively drawing bass out of heavy cover or from long distances in open water. The belly is designed with a tunnel shape to prevent the frog from rolling over upon being retrieved. Rig the Bayou Bullfrog up with a V&M Frog Hook and heavy braid and HANG ON!"

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality & Durability: 3.5/5

If I'm being honest here I have to admit that I don't like the overall look of the Bayou BullFrog, I feel the mold used is pretty basic and the frog looks cheap almost like it came out of someones basement. 

As for the overall durability the Bayou Bullfrog does have a beefy body that holds up well for multiple fish, and the legs are fairly steady. The only real issue I had was the belly slot ripping up and  making it hard to re seat the hook for more fish.

Castability: 4.0/5

The Bayou Bullfrog is a beefy bait for a a soft plastic toad and offers up good casting distance. It also has a fairly flat belly and skips well making it a good choice for fishing under overhangs. With that said I prefer to fish this bait close to home (shorter casts) in order to improve its presentation. Keep in mind that this frog needs to swim "nose up" which is much easier to achieve on shorter target casts.

Presentation: 3.5/5

I covered this a little bit in the casting portion of the review. Overall the baits swims well and the legs do offer up a nice loud buzz or churn on the retrieve. With that said you need to work this bait in a way that keep the frogs nose out of the water. Its odd shaped head and pronounced  nose can dive a bit if you let it, so work this bait on shorter casts and keep your rod tip up. Once moving the Bayou Bullfrogs kicking action will call all the hawgs to the yard.

Since I haven't mentioned it already the nose of this frog holds a screw lock which is my preferred method of fishing soft plastic toads. This type of rigging not only helps ensure your frog runs straight but also keeps the frog in place on this missed strikes. 

Hook-Up Ratio: 3.5/5

The Bayou BullFrog offers up an average to slightly above average hook up ratio based on a nice deep belly slot. This is a must in frogs that have a body as thick as the Bayou's or else most fish would just be sucking on a balled up piece of plastic.

Note: This frog was built to take a single hook, so if you usually prefer a double hook on your frogs, you may want to skip the Bayou Bullfrog.

Innovation & Design: 4.0/5

Give credit where credit is due, V&M looked at some real world issues and attempted to address them. The main feature that I haven't touched on yet is the way the edges or sides of the frog sit higher then it's back. What this means is that your hook-point when exposed sits lower then the edge of the bait, offering clearance If  and when you run your  frog under logs, pads or other cover. This added protection is a great feature that I would love to see on other baits.

Availability, Options & Price: 3.5/5

V&M has a pretty impressive lineup of dealers and this bait should be pretty easy to find. If you are an on-line shopper like I am than your best bet is to check them out at Tackle Warehouse or LandBigFish. Both offer the bait for $3.99  a pack. That works out to nearly $0.80 a frog (I can live with that)

Situations for Success:

As mentioned above the Bayou Bullfrog fishes best when using short targeted casts to shallow water structure. It handles a medium to fast retrieve well, but remember to keep your rod tip up in order to keep this frog on top of the water and buzzing.

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Land Big Fish ($3.99)


Like with most soft plastic toads I tend to use a Dobyns 734c or 735c depending on cover. With this frog the 734c gets the job done. Reel of choice is a Daiwa Tatula in a 6.3:1 or 7.1 ratio.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Frog Fishing with Dobyns Rods

With over 100 rods in the Dobyns arsenal there is one for just about any technique you could possibly want to fish. But with that said I do see how a rod line with so many options could be daunting to someone looking for a specific rod for a specific technique.. so we are here to help.

I've rounded up some anglers that when the going gets tough (and there is money on the line) reach for their frog rod each and every time (myself included). So if your in the market for a new frog rod this season, keep reading while the 4 men below tell you why they choose Dobyns and you should too!

Christian Gervais

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Weapon of Choice: Dobyns Savvy SS735C

Frog Selection: SPRO USA

My part of the country (Ottawa River) is considered by many to be a paradise of largemouth fishing. We have some awesome bays with lots of vegetation. The perfect habitat for growing and catching largemouth bass. Since the beginning, I've been fishing Spro U.S.A. frogs (with Gamakatsu hooks). What I like about these frogs is that they come in three different styles (original, popping and walk-the-dog shad models).

Whatever frog model I use, my rod of choice is the Dobyns Savvy SS 735C. I particularly like this rod because I usually fish very heavy cover, and rated with mag heavy power, it as tonnes of backbone, giving me the confidence that I will have all the strength I need to control and bring the largest of bass to the boat each and every time. I love the fact that this rod has an extra-fast tip and gives me a solid hookset. The key to having a high hookset ratio is to take your time before setting the hook. Make sure that the bass has the frog in it's mouth and is diving back with it (you know, the 2 second rule ) and then set the hook hard.

 For a frog reel, I use a Lew's BB1 Pro Speed Spool 7.1:1 gear ratio and spooled with 65lbs braided line. This combination allows me to turn the fish quick and get him back to the boat with our without a side of salad.

To Learn more check out Christians Facebook page and National Pro Staff profile. He has been part of the Dobyns team since 2014 and offered yet another great Canadian perspective of Frog fishing in the north.

Rich Lindgren
Lakeville, Minnesota 

Weapon of Choice: Dobyns Champion 736C

                                 Dobyns Champion 805 Flip/Punch

                                 Dobyns Savvy 735c 

Frog Selection:       Evolve Nervous walker 2.0

My first Dobyns Frog specific rod was the Champion 736c and it is still a big part of my rotation.  Its a great for doing a little of anything with a frog and a great choice if you only have the budget or need for a single frog rod.  Casts frogs a mile and has all the back bone needed to winch a hawg out of a mat.  Plus the 7'3" length is perfectly suited for skipping and casting frogs in, around and under docks, trees and cut banks.

For me, there are two basic types of frogging, you are either accurately casting to targets at close range or you are covering expansive mats.  For the close quarter stuff, I still use my 736 most of the time.  But when I am on the Upper Mississippi River and the water and cover is expansive, I switch over to my rocket launcher, aka Dobyns Champion 805 Flip/Punch rod.  This 8' beast will out cast any rod I own and has unbelievable power and leverage to tow any size bass back to the boat.

My frog of choice for either application is the Evolve Nervous Walker 2.0, it is super soft and realistic, walks great and the hooks are good as they get in my opinion, plus you can get them for $6-7, which is handy in pike infested waters.  The combination of hooks and soft body increases my landing percentage and that is crucial whether you are fun fishing or tournament angler.

Lastly, if you are in to buzz frogs or toads, I like the Savvy 735c rod for that application, it still has the length for a frog rod with a little more tip for whipping around what are usually lighter soft plastic offerings.  In the end, the 735 will also handle floating frog duty as well in a pinch.

Rich is a wealth of knowledge and I'm honoured to have him participate in both this article and the previous jig article. To learn more please check out his website HERE as well as his Facebook page HERE

Justin Brouillard
Vermont, USA

Weapons of Choice: Champion 764C

                                   Savvy SS735c

Frog Selection:         SPRO USA

Living in Vermont, only 10 minutes from Lake Champlain, frog fishing is something I have enjoyed since I was a kid first learning how to bass fish. Since then, I have learned  many things about fishing a top water frog. There are basically 2 types of frogs/applications that I utilize depending on a number of factors and I choose 2 different Dobyns rods to help me flip the big ones in the boat.

Keep it simple with a frog selection is key to becoming a better frog fisherman and Justin explains his favorite applications and rod choices below:

In the Early summer when the grass mats have started to form but are not as thick as the summer, I will toss around a Whiskey River Bait Company Saloon Girl. This bait walks and darts around erratically similar to a Jerkbait. I am able to make a long cast with a Dobyns Champion 764C. Some may argue that the rod is a little light to yank the fish back to the boat but the longer rod really allows me to get a solid hook in the fish a long ways away from the boat. The long rod moves a lot of line fast and the Heavy action loads up solid when a fish explodes on the bait! One thing I like to do is start with a Crankbait (Strike King 1.5)/Chatterbait (Red Dirt Bait Company Dancing Blade Jig) along the grass edges or over submerged grass to get a reaction bite. If I can get a few to commit or follow, it tells me the Saloon girl moving faster along the surface is the bait to start. This bait is most affective in the spring when the grass is forming or the fall when the fish are shallow chasing bait. I am able to cover a lot of water and with the bait moving around with as much action as it does, I can quickly switch from the emerging grass or use it as a search bait along the edges.

As the grass mats begin to thicken and blow back into the bays and rocky main lake shorelines, it is time to bring out the Spro Frog. This bait is as versatile as it gets and you can buzz it along the surface or walk it slowly tantalizing the lakes largemouth bass. I pair the Spro with my all-time favorite rod, the Dobyns Savy 735C. I cannot say enough about the different applications that are possible with this rod, but it happens to be the perfect rod for yanking bass from the thick milfoil beds of Lake Champlain! I will gladly give up some casting distance with this rod just for its ability to get a solid hook set and get them back to the boat quickly. I am most always throwing a Black frog in any situation because I think the bass are able to track it down quickly. Some guys switch to White on Champlain but I always stick to Black as long as they are eating it good.

Keeping your frogging gear simple will help you hone in on what the fish are doing. If you can get them to react to faster moving baits you can cover a lot of water and really find where they fish are positioning in the grass beds. When you find a group of bass you can switch between applications to catch a few extra fish. Pair these Dobyns rods with a Lew’s Tournament Speed spool and 50lb Gamma Torque Braid and you cannot go wrong. At Lake Champlain the frog bite can start and stop really quick so I am always ready with my 2 Dobyns to pick up and make a few casts!

Justin lives in northern Vermont and is a recent college grad. When he is not fishing he is either working as a Civil Engineer or teaching his girlfriend Becky how to fish. She can catch them on a frog as good as anyone!

Rob Edwards
Kingston, On, Canad

Weapons of Choice:   Dobyns DX746c

                                   Dobyns Champ 735c

                                   Dobyns Champ 736c

Frog Selection:        Teckel USA Choker

I am a frog fisherman, and at no time will you look through my rod arsenal and not find a frog tied on to one or many of the rods in my boat. It's like an addiction that I can't shake, there is just something about that JAWS like anticipation and feeding frenzy that frogs bring out in Largemouth and Smallmouth bass alike. And in all honesty being a frog fisherman is the main reason I choose to use Dobyns rods.

Prior to picking up my first Dobyns Stick I was happy with the other guy (name omitted) They offered me a quality product at a decent price point and for most applications I could find a rod that would suit my purpose. But for frog rods I found the selection lacking, thus the search was on. My first two Dobyns rods were a 735c and a 736c and I immediately felt at home with a frog tied on. The 735c is what I consider to be an all around frog rod, meaning it has the perfect mix of tip and backbone to allow you to cast and retrieve both hollow and soft body frogs. For my first year with Dobyns this rod saw the majority of my everyday frog action in both sparse and medium cover situations.

The 736c I consider to be my power frog rod, and it gets used in heavier cover or when fishing with a larger heavier frog. It has some added backbone and gives me the confidence needed to drive the hook home even from a great distance. This powerful rod has allowed to me muscle some pretty big fish back to the boat no matter how much salad their tangled up in. If you are strictly looking for a Hollow body rod, this is where I would start.

Recently I have added a third Rod to my Frog fishing arsenal and that is the DX746, which kind of feels like the 735c and the 736c mated and had a super human baby. This rod is lighter then it parents but shares both their traits. It has the tip and sensitivity that I need for soft body toads and frogs, yet hidden in it's shiny DX body is some serious power. If you only have room for one frog rod in your boat, this rod will do you justice.

When it comes to hollow body frogs I look for a soft flexible body with no appendages and a short shirt. I want to see some movement on the pause but I don't want anything that will get in the way of my hookset. The Nories NF60 improves upon the classic scum frog, it has a similar shape and design but with higher quality components and a bit more weight for improved casting distance. It is pricey at $15 but worth every penny in my opinion

Last but not least when I first started this article I reached out to Gary Dobyns to get his personal choice for frog fishing, and true to his nature his answer was short and sweet..

 "I don't know of a rod that compares with our Champ 736C as a frog rod. Light, balanced, with brutal power, and a great tip to launch the bait. I know many guys prefer the 735C and it works great....but in heavy slop...nothing compares with 736C"

I think that about says it all, lets go frog fishing!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Frog Addicts Newsletter Vol 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Frog Addicts Newsletter. Each month we will be reviewing up to the minute frog and bass fishing related news plus recapping the previous months "Best Of" when it comes to social media, frog videos and more.. Here is what's happening in the world of frog fishing.

Frog NEWS and Baits Hitting the Shelves

Fairly quiet on the frog front this spring. New baits should be trickling in over the next few months, but for now I only have two quick news items for you:


ln a facebook video (found HERE) Teckel Lures teased a new frog that they are woking on, simply stating that you have never seen a hollow-body like this! - they have since gone quiet, so whats next from Teckel? we all have to wait and see

BAD FROG LURES - is it a Swim-bait or is it a frog?

The team over at Bad Frog Lures has introduced a large bodied frog perfect for you big-bait guys. Weighing in at approximately  3 3/4oz, this frog is made of silicone and stretches out to nearly 8 inches in length, An internal harness has been tested at over 60lbs and will allow you to pull big fish out of the heaviest of cover. These frogs are now available and will run you about $40 USD plus shipping  Check out their instagram page for more details: - @badfrogLures

Top Posts from @FrogAddicts

To get your pics features on the @FrogAddicts Instagram page just tag #FrogAddict in your post or send them via personal message, Here are the top five trending images from April 2018

#1 - @jjbailey16

@jjbailey16 breaking in his @team13fishing concept z with a @booyah_baits pad crasher jr

PS: this is back 2 back wins for @jjbailey16

#2 - @_bamabass

@_bamabass_ showing off their frog collection. Is it just me or does one of those remind you of the Abominable snow monster in Rudolph the red nose reindeer

#3 - @bigbassarmy

Quick share from @bigbassarmy and the @ultraskiff aka the Frog Mobile. This beast will get you into the froggiest of water.

#4 - @alekmonger_24

@alekmonger_24 showing off his frog arsenal. How many of these do you have in your frog box? I spy @lunkerhunt @stanfordbaits @booyah_baits possibly a @strikekinglurecompany and of course a hula popper

#5 - @brandonfranceyfishing

@brandonfranceyfishing has a pretty impressive frog collection. Show us what ya got!

Top 5 Frog Videos

Here they are, BassJunkies favourite frog videos from April 2018 (we may have cheated a bit here and there). As always be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for frog unboxing reviews, action on the water as well as a collection of our favourite frog fishing videos including the ones below. 

#1 - Frog Fishing a Hidden Bay

NDYakAngler treating us to a great video of him frog fishing a hidden bay. -Largemouth bass caught on a Live Target frog in a shallow hidden bay. This is one of the benefits of kayak fishing, being able to get into these spots most other boats can't get to

Feature Frog: Live Target

#2 - AJ Fishing breaking in the Booyah Baits Toad Runner

"Spent the day down on lake Sommervile with my good friend Shane Howell. The wind was extreme this day which kept us from fishing or filming on the main lake so we tucked way back into the creeks and found some big fish pulling up to spawn! The water temp was in the mid 60's and the wind was blowing 30 mph out of the north."

Feature Frog: Booyah Toad Runner

#3 - Bass Fishing for Beginners: Frog Modification Part 2

DEBO'S Fishing with yet another great frog video packed with information and tips. If you are having hook-up issues or don't know what to do with a pile of lunkerhunt frogs with those damn rubbery legs.. watch and learn

Feature Frog :  LunkerHunt (kinda)

#4 - Trapper Tackle Hooke on a Horny Toad? 

Check out this short video from Trapper Tackle offering up a unique approach to using their hooks in conjunction with a soft plastic toad. Ill be giving this a try this season, watch for a review coming

Feature Frog: Zoom Horny Toad


#5 -  Why, Because it's Bill Dance

We could all use some Bill Dance in our lives from time to time, so here goes , a short (pretty much a commercial) for the Bass Pro Shop Kermy Frog

Feature Frog: BPS XPS Kermy


We couldn't t wrap up the month of April without showing off the collection of one of our readers. @Topwater_toadin lit up the @FrogAddicts instagram page with this museum quality collection that left others green with envy (pun totally intended)