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Gambler Cane Toad Review

                        Cane Toad:       Colors: 14        Size: 4"         Pack Count:  5
                                                 Leg Style: Buzz           Scent: Garlic


Quite often I get guys dropping me a line asking if I have tried a specific frog, and or letting me know about a Frog they found and love. The Gambler Cane toad fits into the second of these categories. Twice last season I received emails from guys wanting to know if I had ever tried the Gambler Cane toad.. the answer is yes.. and here is what I think about it 

Overall Rating:  7.6/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 4/5

like with all Gambler baits the Cane toad is quality product. Designed to be a "buzz frog" the Cane Toad has a thick ribbed body with durable legs, it is very heavy footed and can withstand some very violent strikes

Castability: 3.5/5

This little guy casts like a bullet.. come to think about it, minus the legs the Cane Toad kinda looks like a bullet. The rounded flat body and heavier/denser material allow you to get some decent distance. It lands flat and sits down really well. the wide flat base is hard to knock over or upside down

Presentation: 3.5/5

The Cane toad does what it was designed to do, and does it extremely well, this bait  churns up some serious water no matter the retrieve speed. The Reverse ribs and larger feet beat the hell out of the water and make sure any fish in the vicinity knows its coming.

The Cane toad was designed to be a buzz frog, and although it is highly successful as a buzz frog, it imparts little to no motion on the pause.  It is hard to call this a fault as the Cane Toad works exactly as it was intended to, but personally for me to give a frog a perfect score in presentation, what it does when it is not moving is just as important as the frogs action when in motion

Hook-Up Ratio: 4/5

The slim and rounded bullet shape design of the Gambler Cane Toad ensure a decent hook-up ratio. It has a flat bottom and slender profile, and when a fish wants it, it cane swallow it whole with ease. The ribs can act as a point guard for your hook, just don't bury it too deep or you could miss fish.

Availability: 3.5/5

Gambler baits are readily available from many on-line Retailers, and why shouldn't they be? they have a proven track record with Pro's and Amateurs alike. Locally it is another story, unless buying from one of the big dogs (Bass Pro) it is hard to find Gambler baits in most mom and pop shops. If you do happen to come across a local retailer, be sure to check out other products in the Gambler line including the Otter series

Options & Price: 4/5

The Gambler Cane toad is only available in one size, but does come in 14 colors. There is a great mix of natural colors as well as some high vis colors for longer casts or thicker structure. Competitively priced at an average of $3.97 a pack they can be found as low as $3.49. With 5 count bags this places the price per bait at $0.70 (great value!)

Where to Find:

In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Gambler ($4.69)

Bass Pro Shop  ($4.29)

The Hook Up ($3.89) 

Bass Tackle Depot ($3.49) 

The only supplier I found other then Gambler that carries all 14 colors is Bass Tackle Depot. The Bass Pro Shop and Tackle Warehouse both carry over 10 colors but not the complete selection. Pricing is pretty constant but for overall lowest price and the best selection, check out Bass Tackle Depot

* Canadian anglers watch the shipping costs associated with BTD, they can get out of hand quickly


A new category to this every changing blog is this video portion. Why not share with you guys a little frog porn so you can see the frogs in action. I plan to film some personally this summer, but for now I will dig in the depths of You tube and share with you some great videos from other sources

Gambler Feat: Chris Lane (informational)


I think I need to start expanding out this equipment section to include my color/size choices as well as hook selection, so here goes..

I have three colors I really love in the Cane toad series, first one is a standard mat black, this works well in clear water and of sunny days giving the frog a nice silhouette. The Pepper Grass is also one I would call a fan fav, along with "Bull Frog" a mix of Brown and green that adds a bit more visibility. All Cane Toads are garlic scented for that little bit extra attraction

Hook selection for the cane toad is as follows. If you have not yet tried the Zoom Horny toad hooks, then you are missing out, the Cane toad is designed perfectly for use with these hooks and can be fitting with the 4/0 model. You could go as high as 5/0 but I try to avoid using 5/0 and would rather down size to the 3/0 model if a 4 is not available. Standard EWG hooks can also be used in the 3/0 to 5/0 range

When it comes to rod choice I go back and forth a bit but usually land on a Dobyns

Im not alone when I sing the praises of the Gambler Cane toad, it is a durable soft plastic frog with a very unique action. If you are looking for a buzz frog to add to your arsenal you can really go wrong with a Cane Toad, just ask Bass Master Champion Chris Lane

Friday, March 23, 2012

Optimum Baits: The Furbit Frog Review

      Furbit Frog:   Colors: 12        Size: 3.25"        Weight: 5/8oz      Pack Count:  1


I like it when companies think out side the box... The current frog market is filled with twin or look-a-like frogs that are being designed to look like the current cool kid on the block. But not Optimum, they backed up and said "lets try something different" and the Furbit is just that, a quality hollow body frog.. but different. 

Overall Rating:  8.0/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price
Quality: 4/5

The furbit is a quality built frog from head to toe. The choice of body material gives it a thicker skin then many frogs on the market, this skin stands up better to the abuse you will put it through day in and day out on the water, while still being soft enough to easily collapse when a fish strikes. 

Unlike standard hollow body frogs the Furbit utilizes rabbit fur for the legs" this not only imparts the killer action the Furbit is known for, but the leathery texture on the under side of the legs will make this product hold up really well. 
Capping it off with a 6/0 Owner hook and an external belly weight, there is not much you can complain about

Castability: 3.5/5

Slightly tapered at both ends, and back weighted the Furbit cast extremely well. With the exposed belly weight and Colorado blade this frog is known to land a bit hard, but to me that just helps draw in a little added attention

Presentation: 5/5

this is not your average everyday frog, the rabbit fur legs and the addition of a small #3 colorado blade really give this frog a unique look while in the water. Fur legs not only provide a very nice fluid "s" motion when walked, but they also impart a nice subtle motion on the pause.

The Colorado blade gives the frog a bit more flash and splash and makes sure it is seen from below. I have a pair of these frogs and I  removed the blade from one of them (see image). It is not always needed and can at times get in the way. (loose small particles of slop can catch it). When Fishing the Furbit I will usually start with the bladed version and move away from it if the fish are looking for a faster presentation or if Im having a hard time hooking up (some times small changes can be confidence boosters. 

Hook-Up Ratio: 4/5

I have a fairly high hook-up ratio when fishing with a Furbit. The slender/narrow back end and the fact that the fur lays flatter then rubber legs means that the fish can get more of the frog in his mouth. The body of the Furbit is a bit denser then other frogs currently available, but this has not effected my fishing or hook-ups. Body density does play a role in a frogs overall hook-up ratio and thats why I mention it here.

Although I like the blade for presentation purposes, anytime anything is added to the tail end of a frog I have a hard time giving it a perfect rating. I feel any object at the backend of a frog can effect your hook-up ratio by simply getting in the way of the hooks.

Again I believe this frog fishes better with the blade, but if you are having issues with hook-ups, dont be afraid to remove the blade.

Availability: 3.5/5
The Optimum Furbit Frog is widely available on-line from Optimum and other major retailers. In the Canadian market place it is not as readily available at local shops. I hope this improves as this is a good product and deserves to be seen by more anglers

Options & Price: 4/5

Coming in around the $10 mark, which appears to be the new standard for hollow body frogs, the Furbit will not do too much damage to your wallet. As for options, the Furbit is currently only available in 1 size but does does come in 12 color options, some of which are very unique.

A Popper model of the Furbit is also available, I prefer to non popper hollow bodies, but I do own a Popper version of the Furbit and will be reviewing it separately on a future date

Where to Find:

In case you are having a hard time finding these, here are some reliable options for you.

Optimum Baits ($11.99)

Tackle Warehouse ($10.99)

Land Big Fish  ($10.99)

The Hook Up ($9.99) 

Bass Tackle Depot ($10.99) 

For the price savvy customer "the Hook-up" is the place to go, but I will warn you they have the worst selection of this group with only about 4 color choices of the 12. The only company listed above with all 12 colors is Optimum (including some newer colors). Both Land Big Fish and Tackle Warehouse have 11 of the 12


A new category to this every changing blog is this video portion. Why not share with you guys a little frog porn so you can see the frogs in action. I plan to film some personally this summer, but for now I will dig in the depths of You tube and share with you some great videos from other sources


This one is pretty straight forward, like with all hollow body frogs my weapon of choice is a Dobyns 736c, this stick was built for frog fishing and will not let you down no matter the situation. As mentioned above I find the Furbit to fish a little heavy but the 736c was designed with the tip you need to throw it with ease.

I like to pair my hollow body frogs with a Diawa Advantage reel. This is an extremely tuff reel that sits just a little larger in your hand then your standard low profile reel. I dont know about you, but at times that extra weight and size adds confidence when hollow body fishing and I want my equipment to feel like it can handle anything, but still be comfortable.. this pair does just that.

As for line, like always I recommend 40-60lb braid. I have been a huge PowerPro supporter over the years, but this season Im trying out a few new lines, like SunLine braid as well as Daiwa Samurai

Believe me, you will have fun fishing the Furbit. I've said it 100 times now, but lets make it 101.. "it is not your average hollow body frog".  Is it perfect? no, but is any product really perfect? I really like fishing with this frog and the success I have had makes me want to keep fishing it... I recommend picking one up to give it a test drive.. hell if you dont like it, you can always hang it from  your car mirror and use it as a lucky rabbits foot.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Koppers Live Target: Walking Frog Review

      FGW105T:   Colors: 4        Size: 4 1/8"        Weight: 5/8oz      Pack Count:  1
      FGW118T    Colors: 4        Sizes: 4 5/8"       Weight: 7/8oz        Pack Count:  1

there are arguments for and against putting this bait into the frog category.. yes it is looks more like a frog then any other bait on the market, thanx to Live Targets high quality live like images.. but technically is this not just a standard sway-back or walking top water bait? and if we call this a frog does that mean that Heddon's Zara Spook is also a frog bait?, we will leave that argument for another day.. for my purposes I follow the old adage .. if it looks like a frog, walks like a frog, and fish eat it like a frog.. then it's a frog.

Overall Rating:  9/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 5/5

Lets face it, if there is one thing that Live Target is known for, it is the quality of the product they put in the water, whether it is the quality of the paint job, the quality of the hooks, or just the overall durability of the bait, they flat out make quality products, and to me, the Walking Frog is the best bait they have ever produced.

This hard bait is flawlessly designed and walks better and easier then most other frogs on the market today. The life like design and loud rattle really draw fish in, and the quality super sharp hooks make sure they stay pinned. This frogs best feature is the way it sits in the water on the pause, Live Target really nailed it here, as the tail hook hangs perfectly and makes it hard to miss when a fish blows up on it.

Castability: 4/5

The Walking frog body design ensures you get some serious casting distance when required. The slim design and weight/rattle system makes it a breeze to cast, but due to size and weight it can hit the water hard, and may take some practice to get your Olympic quality landing down pat.

Presentation: 5/5

I touched on this briefly above, but the sheer ease in which this frog moves in the water is one of the two main reasons I grade it a 5/5. The other is the "sit" I think many companies overlook how truley important the "sit" of a bait is.

Top water baits rely on their movement in the water as well as their sit when paused, and Live Target really nailed how a top water bait should sit.. tail down at close to a 45 degree angle, and really giving the fish a good look at their target (the hook)

Obviously the walk of the bait is just as important as the pause, and as mentioned above this bait walks well, and easily. I like that I was quickly able to learn multiple cadences, either moving fast and tight, or loose and wide depending on what I want to achieve.

Hook-Up Ratio: 4.5/5
Not to beat a dead horse here (or frog) but this bait has a superior hook-up ratio based primarily on the way it sits in the water, but obviously quality hooks are also key. Live Target walking frogs are one of the rare  lures that I don't immediately remove the treble hooks on. I find them to be strong and sharp, so why mess with a good thing?

Availability: 5/5
Com'on, lets be honest here, if you have not seen or had the ability to buy one of these frogs you must live in the desert, because any city, town or village near any form of water (even just large puddles) carries Live Target Lures. They are a quality bait, and they are what today's anglers want. And if you do live in a desert, as long as you have Internet access you should have no problem getting one on your line

Options & Price: 3.5/5

Still considered a relatively new product, I think we may see more sizes and colors in the future. But at this time we are looking at two size option and 4 colors. All are natural colors, and all look stellar. Personal preference for me is the shorter model (105T) in either the Green or Yellow.

Price will be a concern for some, it is priced in what I would call the "mid range" at anywhere between $9.99 and $12.99. This puts them above some of the old standards but below many of the other premium baits on the market. 

Other Reviews:

 launched at ICAST 2010 the Live Target frog series really turned the frog fishing scene on it's head. The introduction of the walking frog allowed even novice anglers to fish frogs and walk them like a pro, and it has spurred a new generation of frog fisherman as well as a generations worth of knock-offs as other manufactures try to keep up

Tackle Tour (autopsy)
Where to Find:

In case you are having a hard time finding these, here are some reliable options for you.
Tackle Warehouse ($11.99)

Land Big Fish  ($11.99)

E-Tackle (Canada) ($11.87) *Canadian

Bass Tackle Depot ($11.99) 


A new category to this every changing blog is this video portion. Why not share with you guys a little frog porn so you can see the frogs in action. I plan to film some personally this summer, but for now I will dig in the depths of You tube and share with you some great videos from other sources


This is one frog that I dont fish with my Dobyns 735c (although you could). When it comes to top water lures whether it is poppers, walkers or rip baits, I like to down size the length a bit and go with a 705cb or a 685cb. Both work a topwater bait well and still give you some nice power to muscle the fish out no matter the cover...docks, boat houses, pads and more

If you like to power down slightly when fishing topwater baits, check out a 734c, it has the perfect amout of tip and forgiveness for walking baits

So while some may debate this product being reviewed as a "frog bait" there is one thing that cant be debated.. this product is one of the best top water lures on the market today, and is the corner stone of the Live target family.. great work


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reaction Innovations: Trixie Shark Review

      Trixie Shark:   Colors: 5        Sizes: 1         Length: 4.75"      Pack Count:  8
                             Leg Style: Swim           Scent: N/A


Reaction Innovations is a company that really made their mark with a couple of very popular products. The Skinny Dipper jerk/swim bait and the Sweet Beaver flipping bait. Both are quality products and both are items that I have in my arsenal. That being said, I think the unsung hero of the line may be the Trixie Shark, a very unique soft plastic frog that flat out catches fish

Overall Rating:  7.1/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 3/5

The lowest rating in any of these categories goes to the quality and the availability. That being said I dont want to confuse things and suggest this is not a quality product. The issues I have with the bait is that the extremely soft/pliable plastic used can and will rip/tear easily. Depending on the battle (and what you are horsing the fish out of)  this frog can be classified as a 1 fish bait. On multiple occasions when fishing with a Trixie shark the bait was completely un-fishbale after the first fish was landed.

The legs are the weakest point, they give off a great swimming motion due to how soft and thin the plastic is. This is turn means that they can be easily ripped from the body

Castability: 3.5/5

highly aerodynamic this frog casts very well. The thin body can be cast into tight areas and cover situations without issue. It is fairly light weight so distance can be a concern in windy condition. To add a little weight you can try working this frog on a swim-bait style hook but I would stick to weights of 1/4oz and under as anything greater may effect the way the frog performs

Presentation: 3.5/5

I really like the way this frog moves in the water. The legs give off a lot of commotion while only slightly buzzing or churning the water. The thin profile allows the frog to move through the water well and it does not get hung up very easily. I would have given this frog a higher rating in this category, but I have a hard time centering the hook to get it to run perfectly straight. In the quest to streamline the frog RI has come very close to going to thin and thus making it hard to rig.

You also need to watch the nose of the Trixie Shark, this soft plastic will not hold up well when using frog or swimbait hooks that have the spring/screw on style bait keeper. You are better to use standard EWG hooks if you want to bait to last

An interesting thing about this frog is the back "fin" that gives the Trixie Shark it's name. Im not sure if the idea was to use the fin to skin hook the point of your hook, but that is precisely what I do. This allows me to make the frog 100% weedless and still get a good hook-up ratio

Hook-Up Ratio: 3.5/5

My hook-up ratio with this frog is fairly high, the small profile and very flexible plastic body make it easy for a fish to swallow whole. A body slot makes sure there is little plastic between your hook and the fish, and a small back fin allows for a slight skin hooking.

Availability: 3/5

I had a hard time landing on this 3/5 rating. RI baits are widely available from most major tackle suppliers, but the Trixie Shark seems to be harder to find then the more popular RI products such as the Sweet beaver and Skinny Dipper. But since you can purchase them direct from RI as well as a few major retailers such as Tackle Warehouse I decided to bump it up to a 3.

Options & Price: 5/5

I think this is one of the higher if not the highest scores I have given out in this category. And if you are wondering why, here is the breakdown. The Trixie shark although only available in 1 size does come in 16 color options, and is priced as low as $4.79 a pack. Each pack containing 8 frogs, that brings the price per bait down to $0.59.. and that is something I can get behind

Where to Find:
Although Reaction Innovation baits are pretty widely available the Trixie Shark is not. I only learned about it myself last season. Here are a few places you can find it...

Bass Tackle Master  ($5.99)

The Hook-Up ($4.79)

For best pricing, and a full color selection I would order this frog from Tackle Warehouse. They have the full 16 colors available and it is cheaper then ordering direct from RI. I have paid as high as $7.99 a pack for these frogs at small local shops, to me that is a little too high for this product.

This is yet another frog that I would put in the "finesse frog" category. Which means I move up to a Dobyns 805c rod and utilize the extra length and tip to put this frog into areas in which it will excel. Thinner diameter and/or very smooth line is a must, the light weight frame needs thinner line to be cast greater distances. If you are not fishing heavy cover you can easily get away with a 20lb braid.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Snag Proof: Pro Series Tournament Frog Review

Pro Series Tournament :   Colors: 10+     Sizes: N/A   Weight: 1/4oz & 1/2oz      Pack Count:  1


Snag Proof has quite the extensive line up of frogs in their arsenal, starting with the nearly if not completely obsolete "Original Frog" all the way up to their signature series including "Bobbys Perfect" and the "Ish Phat Frog". Somewhere in the middle lies the Pro Series Tournament frog

Overall Rating:  6.5/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 3/5

As my rating shows, I find the quality of this and most Snag Proof products to be average at best. The frog body is made of a firmer plastic then most frogs, that although durable it seems to puncture more easily then the softer more pliable frog bodies.

Snag Proof is not known for it's fancy designs or realistic paint jobs, and the price reflects this. So Im not going to sit here and complain about the look of frog as that would be same as complaining about the paint job on a classic Rapala or Big O. That being said, the Snag Proof frog line looks dated when compared to other offerings on the market today

Castability: 3/5

Like most frogs on the market the Pro Series is back weighted and casts pretty well. You should have no concerns getting some decent distant between you and your frog. 

Presentation: 3/5
The Pro Series frog suffers from an issue many early hollow body frogs suffer from, and that is how flat it sits in the water. Even with the weight situated towards the back-end of the frog, it sits nearly level in the water (back end up) , and  this can effect your hook-up ratio (see below).

Im also not a huge fan of the way the frogs legs stick out of the side of the bait, this restricts the frogs movement and makes it harder to walk then other frogs (this was improved in the Bobby's perfect series)

Hook-Up Ratio: 3/5
I have always had poor success with this frog. I find that the inset hooks and the way the legs protrude from the body get in the way of the hook. If using the Pro Series frog I usually opt for the smaller 1/4oz size to allow the fish to get more of the frog into it's mouth. I find you will not get as high a hook-up ratio when fishing are swatting at it rather then eating it whole, as you will with other frogs
Availability: 4/5
the Snag Proof line-up can easily be ranked up in the top three when it comes to availability, but as mentioned above the issue you will find, is the the Pro Series is just a small part of the line-up and will have limited options or selection in most retailers. Bobby's Perfect and the Ish Phat frog are far more widely available

Options & Price: 3.5/5

Any frog that is currently priced under $7 has to be considered a good buy. With the market growing  many companies are coming in with frogs priced at $10.99 and some as high as $19.99. If you are able to find this frog in the $5-$6 price range I would consider it a good buy

With 2 sizes, (1/4oz and a 1/2oz) and 10 colors to choose from, there is not lack of options. These are a throw back product, dont expect to see full color realistic paint jobs, what Snag Proof does best is simplicity, solid colors with a few poka dots 

Other Reviews:

again this is what many would consider a classic frog, yet it is very hard to come across any reviews on it, although Bobby's perfect and the Ish model both have been widely reviewed

Where to Find:

Snag Proof has pretty much flooded the market, and can be found nearly everywhere. With a wide selection of frogs at some reasonable prices you should not have a hard time adding one to your arsenal

Snag Proof ($7.50)

Land Big Fish  ($6.59

Bass Pro Shop ($8.99)

If you want full size and color selection you are best to buy direct from Snag Proof. Most other suppliers only carry limited stock in the color options. Since Snagg proof has such a large line-up you will find that most retailers carry a few frogs from each series, and never a complete line-up. 

As I kinda mentioned above, I like to throw the smaller version of the Pro Series frog, I find my hook-up ratio is higher then when I use the 1/2oz version of the same frog. That being said when you throw a smaller from you need to use lighter equipment. My go-to rod for Hollow Bodies is a Dobyns 736c, but with this frog I do usually down size and opt for a longer rod. In this case I move towards a 805c that allows me to cast this smaller sized frog better and still allows me to muscle it from cover.

Like with any hollow body I recommend using 40lb braid when fishing in cover. With smaller frogs I will try to get away with 20-30lb braid

Monday, March 5, 2012

River2Sea Dahlberg Diving Frog Review

      Dahlberg Frog 50:   Colors: 5        Sizes:  2"        Weight: 5/8oz      Pack Count:  1
      Dahlberg Frog 60    Colors: 5        Sizes:  2 1/2"   Weight: 1oz        Pack Count:  1


You know that feeling you get, when you pick up a new product and you look at it, then you put it down, but you pick it back up again, and you have this bad feeling, but you just have to buy it.. it's that moment when the old cliche ringss true.. "lures are designed to catch fisherman not fish".. well thats how I felt about the Dahlberg Diver Frog by River2Sea, I knew it was a trap, but like many times before I fell for it.

Overall Rating:  6/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 2.5/5

Where to begin? the moment I had this frog out of the package I knew there was going to be issues. The long flexible legs are so thin at the joint and in the area in which they meet the body of the frog that they can and will rip easily. Yes, they give off great motion in the water, but they do so at the expense of durability and you know River2Sea knew this as a possible issue as they provided a back-up pair with your frog purchase, and they sell replacement packs of legs (approximately $5). There is also a warning about the material used for the legs and how it will interact with other baits, it is recommended that they are kept separate.. now thats a pain (but not uncommon)

The Body of the frog is built of the same (or similar) material used in many crank-baits. It is hollow but foam filled, and it can be chipped and beat-up if you are not careful when casting in and around structure. I have some slight damage on mine, but nothing that will effect the frogs performance. The strongest part of this frog is the flexible diving lip, since it doubles as a weed/hook guard it was built strong but flexible, and it takes abuse well. (although it does discolor after use)

Castability: 3.5/5

Tipping the scales at 1oz (for the 60 series) you should not have an issue casting this frog. It is weighted properly and can be cast, flipped or pitched with ease. Like with anything you will want to set your breaks up properly or you will have a mess on your hands

Presentation: 3/5

This is the area in which a lot of us will have differing opinions. I have read some high reviews of how this frog performs in the water, and I really don't get it.  I don't like the way the legs sit  when paused and I don't like the kicking motion.  Maybe there is a bit of a learning curve as I have seen video evidence of this frog doing it's thing, but it wont do it for me. (and in all honesty the only angler that I have seen move the frog really well is Dahlberg himself)

When fishing the Dahlberg frog in heavy cover, you can expect some drag when crossing the pads. The body, the weed guard and the legs all effect it's ability to crawl over cover. This is not your typical pad hopping frog, and is better suited to swim around or over the edges of cover.

P.S See the below fish porn video, it shows how successfully the frog can be fished

Hook-Up Ratio: 3/5

With one monstrous 6/0 hook coming out of it's back, you would think that the Dahlberg frog would be rated a 5/5, but personally I feel this hook is more hindrance then help. The high set hook is more apt to catch and snag then you would be led to believe (watch the below video for evidence) and since the hook point is completely exposed it is bound to wear down quicker  due to making contact with structure. 
If you are an avid frog fisherman you will also be able to attest to the fact that many fish suck a frog down, and don't always "blow up" on it. This hook is set so high, that it would not as easily find it's home in this situation, in which case standard hook placement (low and tight to the body) is key

Availability: 3/5

River2Sea has been widely available in the US for a few years now, and is growing in availability in Canada. I have seen some/part of their product line in well over 80% of the retailers that I shop. That being said due to the hefty price tag on the Dahlberg frog, is it not always carried by shops that carry the R2S line-up.. hence the 3 out 5 rating

Options & Price: 3/5

At the time of release this product was one of the highest if not the highest retail priced frog in it's category, but since then it is really in line with many other frogs on the market. As you saw above, anglers can expect to pay close to $12 a frog for a Dhalberg and a additional $5 if you want the security of extra legs.. and believe me if you live on a big fish or pike lake, you will need them. 

As for options, the Dahlberg frog is only available in 4 color options, all of which are fairly natural looking. There is now two sizes available, so for those looking for a smaller version, be sure to check out the 50 series. Dont let the body size fool you, listed as 2 1/2 inches long, this frog stretches to a full 6 inches in length

Other Reviews:

 launched at ICAST 2010 the Dahlberg Diving frog was the subject of a lot of talk, and the words "innovation" along with "game changer" were things you heard tossed around quite often. Below are two more reviews of the LDDF, both that seem to believe the hype it more then I do.

Tackle Tour (they seemed to like it more then I did)

FHC Outdoors (video review)

Where to Find:
Here are some places you can purchase the Dahlberg Diver Frog. River2Sea products are wildly available, and you should not have a hard time picking one up

River2Sea ($10.99/$11.99)

Tackle Warehouse ($10.99/$11.99)

Land Big Fish  ($10.99/$11.99

Cabela's ($12.09) *only 1 size available

Outdoor Pro Shop ($11.89) *only 1 size available

If you want full size and color selection you are best to buy direct from River2Sea. Most other suppliers only carry limited stock in the color options and some still don't carry both sizes. As you can see from above the prices are pretty tight on most retailers, if you are buying locally expect to see a price bump. I have found these frogs selling for $12.99 and as high as $15.99

A new category to this every changing blog is this video portion. Why not share with you guys a little frog porn so you can see the frogs in action. I plan to film some personally this summer, but for now I will dig in the depths of You tube and share with you some great videos from other sources

Tackle Tour Video (sick blow ups)

Jarret Edwards (no relation)


Depending on how you plan to fish this frog, your rod choice will vary drastically. Since it requires more finessing them the average hollow body frog, you may want to look for rods with a bit softer tips. I have been using two rods and I don't know if I have it nailed down quite yet..

the Dobyns 735c is a rod you have heard me mention 1000 times, and I don't want to bore you, but it will work well with the Dahlberg, it has enough tip for you to work the frog, and all the back bone in the world for pulling hawgs from cover. You can also try to downsize a bit, the 734c will soften up a bit for you and allow you to impart more finesse.. Due to the weight of the frog you wont want to go below a 4 power rod. (Change up the rod length if you are having issues finding the sweet spot). I have even run my Dahlberg on a 704 glass rod, and kinda liked it (the diving bill does kind of make it a crank bait). 
Braid is the way to go when fishing this frog, depending on your preference I like to use 40lb power pro.. again you can get away with 20lb

Like always, thee above is just one man's opinion, and I always recommend you give it a try for yourself. I know my Dahlberg will spend most of it's life span on the shelf, innovation or not, this is not the best frog available on the market or in it's category