Friday, July 6, 2012

Site News: Coming Soon List Added

Hey guys,

I have had a few emails asking about upcoming frogs reviews, and sharing info on some frogs I have never heard of, or cant find locally..  I appreciate all feedback and love to be advised of any frogs you have found in your travels, so keep' em coming.

To do my part and help give you guys an idea about upcoming frog reviews, I have added a "coming soon" list, that can be found on the left hand side of the blog (just scroll down).  This new list includes frogs I  currently own, or have on order.  They are listed in alphabetical order and I'm doing my best to work through them all and get reviews posted. If you know of a good frog bait that is not listed (and has not already been reviewed) be sure to drop me a line so I can look into it

As you know all frogs get a thorough testing prior to a review being publish. So until the review is ready they will stay in the coming soon list. One week prior to a review being published it will be removed from the coming soon list and added to the "Up Next" section in the upper right hand side

again thanx for reading and keep the frog requests coming


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  1. Hi, I am the FROG NATION and would like to get in on your action and help you out if i may so your readers can get a different perspective on the world of frogg'in. let me know bro. My Name is Jef and if you would like to talk frogg'in i can be reached at 814 207-0862! remember like Bobby Barrack always told me turnin frog into toads!