Monday, April 15, 2013

Sizmic Pop'n Toad Review - Retired

Sizmic Pop'n Toad:      Retired!


Yes, it is time to review yet another "retired" frog. The Sizmic Poppin toad by Uncle Josh is a bait that saw very little time on the water (obviously) and to this day can be chalked up to a good frog gone wrong! 

Overall Rating: 6.6/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 4.0/5

There is many things I did or do not like about the Sizmic Poppin Toad, but the durability was not one of them. This baby looked and felt like it was made of tire rubber, it it extremely durable and holds up well to the abuse both the angler and the fish put it through. I believe it was made almost to durable and that in the process made it a bait that did not swim or pop as well as it should (more on that later) 

Castability: 4.0/5

The Sizmic pop'n frog has a dense  body and casts and skips very well. The Pop'n version is a floater, and weighs less then both the original and Magnum toads, but still holds it's own when cast

Presentation: 2.5/5

This is where the Sizmic popin toad leaves much to be desired. Yes, you can pop and work it back to the boat, but overall if you were going to have to compare it to a real frog, it would have to be a dead one. It just kinda sits there (or floats I guess) The profile and the action just don't cut it, and this frog is surpassed by pretty much every other frog I have test driven on the Frog Pond (that says a lot)

Hook-Up Ratio: 3.5/5

The Sizmic toad has a nice thin profile and makes for a good hook-up ratio. The slot on the back hides the hook well without impeding its ability to be hammered home on a hook-set (a nice feature I wish more companies would add)

Availability: N/A

Although not as hard to find as some of the other retired frogs I have reviewed, it is not readily available. Below you will find 3 places you can locate Sizmic popp'n toads on line (non of which are the actual manufacture). Dont hold me to this, as if you are reading this review in the year 2015 there is a good chance these will be gone

Options & Price: N/A

For whats left of them, they are not badly priced coming in on average at the $3 per pack mark. With 6 frogs in a pack thats only $0.50 per, and not a bad deal. Obviously color choices will be limited, but if you find them in black or white, I would take the plunge and give them a shot.  

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

OC Fishing Gear - $3.79 - $2.99

Gatror Tackle - $3.08

Ebay is always an option when looking for retired frogs. At time of posting there were a few listings for multiple packages


As with most popper frogs I recommend using a Dobyns 735c, this is firm enough to get a great poppin action out or the bait without manhandling it.  As for reels, you dont need to go super beefy, but as with most frogs you want the power to pull it out of some of the nastiest slop or cover. Give the Daiwa Lexa 300 a try.

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