Monday, July 22, 2013

Castaic Frog Brigade Review

 Colors: 4   Size: 1   Pack Count: 1    


Castaic decided that would take full advantage of the "Alabama rig" craze and be the first to market with a frog version. And if I'm being entirely  honest, I wanted one!

Yes, this is one of those products that I was pretty damn stoked to test drive, and yet after one cast I knew it was a dud (though I kept on trying)

Overall Rating: 5.0/10


There is not much to rate this beast on when it comes to parts, but the parts it does have are only so/so. The float or body of the Frog Brigade has a fairly thin outer shell and mine even after limited use has a small crack on it. 

Another part that I found fairly weak on the Frog Brigade was the snap swivels, they don't appear to be very high quality and I have seen references on various sites by anglers stating that "if you don't want to loose fish, upgrade your swivels". I had no issues with mine, but again they did not get an extensive workout


I will start off by discussing how poorly this rig casts.. or I guess I should say "lands" because it lands hard, and loud, and in one giant clump of frog. I actually spooked fish on 2 of my first 3 casts using the Frog Brigade. 

As for swimming it back to the boat, I found the Brigade performed better in open water then in cover. In open water the frogs would separate easily and swim in tandem.. though very close together, too close if you ask me

When using on slop or pads I found this rig very frustrating, it rolls and tangles on itself and the snap swivel clips collect up junk all around the nose of the frog.. I felt like I had to clean it after every retrieve

Availability, Price & Options

The frog brigade is not exactly widely available and with a price point often coming in at $19.99 I can understand why. Personally although I really wanted to test this bait I was not willing to spend the $19.99 and additional $10 shipping it would cost me to get this thing into Canada.. so I did what I try not to do and that is buy baits on EBay.. $13.99 and $4 shipping and I still feel ripped off

As for options you you 4 colour choices all a variation of a common hollow body frog colors. 

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Castaic ($19.99)

Tackle Warehouse ($19.99)

Ebay (varies)

Overall in my opinion the Frog Brigade is a huge dud, and way over priced. I like the concept they were trying to achieve, but feel that a trailer frog rig (one behind the other) would be a much more useful and tangle free way to frog fish.

If you do by chance want to give this rig a shot, but sure to bring your heavy gear, I fished the Frog Brigade with a Dobyns DX795 and paired it with a Daiwa Lexa 300 series reel

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