Monday, November 18, 2013

Top Frog Awards 2013 - Best Soft Body Frog/Toad


Last week we awarded TOP Frog Rankings to a selection of Hollow Body frogs, so this week it's time for the soft body frogs (or toads) to shine.

The Same rules apply: Top Frog awards are given to  products that came out on top, not only in their overall rating, but also in each of the categories I review.. kinda like the Oscars, you may not win best picture, but you still have the chance to win for cinematography.. this year 2 frogs and 1 mouse split the hours

Options & Price Award: Mann's Hard Nose

Although this bait wont blow you out of the water when it comes to choices, you do have 8 color options that cover the "must haves" like black, white and some chartreuse. More sizes would be help in elevating the Hard nose's casting ability, but Ill take what I can get.

I'm not sure but I believe Mann's may be in the process of retiring this frog, selection is very limited at most retailers, and a low price of just over $2.00 a pack make me curious about it's life span.. if you get the chance be sure to pick up a pack or two and give these a whirl 

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Quality Award: Warrior Buzz Frawg

The Buzz Frawg scored very well across the board in it's original review back in October. It;s built ford tuff but still very agile in the water giving off a very nice buzz, that has almost converted this swim frog fisherman into a buzz frawg believer.. almost

I really can appreciate how well this bait takes the abuse doled out by fish and fisherman alike, as I really put it through its paces and did not have to changes frogs once.

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Castability Award: Warrior Buzz Frawg

coming in at 5" in length the Buzz Frawg its nearly the perfect size/weighted frog for short pitches or casting for distance. It's body shape gives it a softer landing then most (no slapping) but makes it more difficult to skip

If you find yourself confronted by windy conditions or situations in which you need to cast long and deep, then this is a frog worth tying on

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Presentation Award: Evolve Rx Mad Mouse

One of the coolest frog baits to hit the market in 2013 was the RX Mad Mouse from Evolve. I knew from the minute i saw this mouse that I had to have it.. I guess I just have a thing for 3-legged baits!

The RX Mad Mouse was built to swim, it has a belly keel and a raised nose that helps keep the head of the bait up, both on the swim and on the pause. The three legs each have built in crimps that move some additional water but still keep its action fairly subtle.

If it was not for its small frame this may have become my go-to soft plastic frog, but it's 5" frame is much larger on paper then on a hook. The body of this bait could use some beefing up, t his will not only improve profile but also hook placement  

Hook-Up Ratio Award: Evolve RX Mad Mouse

The body of the RX Mad Mouse has a squishy nearly gummy bear like texture that gives it the ultimate in hook-up ratios. The rubbery body holds the hook well but is easily pierced making sure your hook point finds its home. The body design of this bait is also conducive for a quality hook-up, there is very little material that will get in the way

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Highest Overall Rating: Evolve RX Mad Mouse

Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

There is not much more I can say about the RX Mad Mouse that I have not said twice already. It is a quality bait that gives the fish a very different look.  I love the profile, the action and hook-up ratio.. if my dream come true the team at Evolve will evolve this bait into a larger version.. just don't change anything else!

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Best Places to Frog Shop:

When if comes to service, price, shipping and availability, here are the 3 best places to build your frog arsenal

The Hook-Up

* For you Canadian shoppers, LBF is your best bet, they ship USPS and you will avoid all those messy brokerage fees that UPS charges. Tackle Warehouse is quick, but since they Ship UPS, you can expect a minimum $20 plus duty and taxes on any order over $19.99

Frog Equipment:

When it comes to soft body frog (or toad) fishing there is no better rod on the market then the Dobyns 735c, I always have one rigged up and ready for battle no matter the conditions.

When it comes to line choice, Toray Finesse Braid has become my new favourite. It's tuff, yet super smooth, and holds up well when toad fishing. T

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