Monday, October 19, 2015

Top Frog Awards 2015 - Best Hollow Body and Soft Body Frogs from 2015

I thought I would switch things up this year, and instead of nominating a frog from each of my review categories, I will be focusing on the highest rated frogs overall, and this year (although I expect some flack) the Top frog Awards go to.. Teckel USA Honker and the Gary Yamamoto Yamma Frog

Here's why...

Top Frog Award - Best Hollow Body


With an overall score of 7.8/10 the Teckel Honker not only was the highest rated hollow body frog from this seasons reviews, but it was also the most surprising. After reviewing the Teckel Whacker last season I expected to be in for more of the same, but in all honesty the Honkers unique blade like legs really gave this bait a new lease on life.

the flutter and splash produced by the blade feet were visible from almost the moment this frog hit the water, and although I expected them to get hung up on every little piece of floating debris they actually fished fairly clean.

Couple it's on water performance with the fact that Teckel uses quality components and you have a frog that is built to last all while putting fish in your boat, a pairing not often seen in this industry where quality baits don't always catch fish, and fish catching baits rarely last. If only this frog was more readily available it would be nearly perfect.

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Top Frog Award - Best Soft Body Toad

Gary Yamamoto Yamma Frog

This Top Frog choice i expect to get a little flack for. I heard it when I first posted the review and I expect to hear it a bit more now. But with that said I instantly fell in love with the Yama Frog's on water performance which led me to giving it a 8.6/10 review, which was not only the highest rating for a soft body toad in  2015, it was my highest rating every in this category.

With a wide body and thick flexible legs the Yama frog can be swam both as a swim frog (soft churn) as well as a buzz frog (hard churn) the ribbed body gives off a little extra commotion and it's incredibly soft plastic body is pliable enough to ensure solid hook-ups and dense enough that its added weight makes the Yamma frog a dream to cast.

The elephant in the room here is that its durability is suspect, a problem that plaques all Yamamoto baits.  It is nothing for me to go through a pack of these frogs in a single trip (when the frog bites on) and with a Yamamoto price tag things can and will get expensive quick.

All in all this is a frog that shouldn't be overlooked, and is my Top Frog choice from 2015

Check out my full review HERE

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