Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Strike King Super Toad Review

Super Toad:      Colours: 6   Size: 3.5"     Pack Count: 5     
             Leg Style: Buzz             Weight: N/A


Before this season I believe my last "Strike King" review was the Rage Toad all the way back in 2012. Not only did that bait fair well (I'm a fan of most Rage products) but its also still available for sale today.. 5 years later. That's a testament to the baits quality, and of course angler demand. Like many other sophomore releases the Strike King's Super Toad does not quite live up to its older brothers reputation, and Ill be surprised to see it around come 2022 (man it felt weird even typing that)

Overall Rating: 7.2/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality & Durability: 3.5/5

Like them or not Strike King makes a quality bait that's fished by the weekend warrior and tournament angler alike. The Super toad is no different, it was built with a high attention to detail making it easy to rig and easy to fish all while not breaking the bank.

On the durability side of things it struggles a bit. On my first day on the water with this bait I blew through a pack of super toads (5 in total) and 2 of the 5 only lasted one fish each. The first lost a foot and the second ripped 3/4 or the way across the body, leaving both legs hanging from a thread.

Castability: 3.5/5

Fairly easy to cast you should have no issues getting some decent distance with the Super Toad. Its flat belly and legs make it easy to skip and the toad's fall rate is slow enough that you are not in a rush to get cranking when it first lands.


The Super Toad has some pretty big feet and churns up some serious water. It fishes well at both at high and medium speeds, it you run it much slower then that and the legs tend to trip up on you.

The Super Toad is an easy bait to keep upright, and even during those times in which I found it swimming on its back all it took was a slight pause to have it instantly roll back over on its belly. This is a pretty big perk when fishing medium and heavy cover when toads tend to roll as the crawl over the pads.

With its really flat belly the Super Toad doesn't climb all that well, and you will notice it drag when it hits the pads, at times I had to increase my speed to keep it moving.

Hook-Up Ratio: 4.0/5

No concerns here, the Super Toad has a slim profile that holds both 3/0 and 4/0 hooks perfectly. The back of the bait leaves you a nice place to skin hook your hook point and as mentioned above the Super Toad's ability to roll over ensures your hook stays clean and is in perfect condition when its time to set the hook.

Innovation and Design : 3.0/5

The Super Toad is a pretty standard design with no real bells and whistles. It does the job but nothing about it is a game changer or fills a need or gap on the market. it kinda feels like it has been awhile since Strike King launched a new toad so they threw this together and put the weight of their big guns behind it.

Availability, Options & Price: 3.5/5

This is a Strike King product and should not be hard to find in either your local tackle shop or Super Store. With that said its online presence is oddly lacking. You will be able to find the Super Toad at either Tackle Warehouse or Land Big Fish (for now anyways)

Situations for Success:

The Super Toad is a great bait for both calm and moderately windy conditions. I like to cast it over the targeted area and allow it to get up a full head of steam as it approaches the strike zone. Vary your speed until you find what the fish are looking for on any given day, but remember this is a noise maker and it will be more successful when fish are aggressively hunting.

If you are missing strikes have two follow-up baits ready, a hollow body frog (slower presentation) and of course a something to flip or pitch.

Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Tackle Warehouse ($3.79)

Land Big Fish ($3.69)


I completed all my testing with a Dobyns 734c paired with a Daiwa Tatula.  This frog is fairly light weight and likes a little extra tip to help impart action around and under cover.

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