Monday, March 19, 2018

Frog Fishing Quick Tips - Fred Roumbanis

Frog Fishing Quick Tips is a Instagram tie in feature in which we personally reach out to respected anglers at all  levels and ask them 7 quick frog fishing related questions. It's time to get personal

This Months Angler is..... 

Fred Roumbanis

Fred Roumbanis, also known as “Boom Boom” or “Swimbait Fred”, has fished  both the BassMaster and  FLW Tours. Like his nickname suggests, one of Roumbanis’ favorite techniques is throwing giant swimbaits or frogs. Roumbanis’s heaviest bag weighed on FLW scales measured in at an astonishing 34 pounds and 5 ounces. This big bag was accomplished on Lake Okeechobee in 2011. When not fishing competitively, Roumbanis can be found fishing for fun with his friends or listening to music, or helping to design new baits. 

Fred recently paired with Stanford Baits to release the all new Boom Boom frog which hit the shelves earlier this month. 

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Instagram: @fredroumbanis

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