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Frog Addicts Newsletter Vol3

Welcome to the 3RD edition of the Frog Addicts Newsletter. Each month we will be reviewing up to the minute frog and bass fishing related news plus recapping the previous months "Best Of" when it comes to social media, frog videos and more.. Here is what's happening in the world of frog fishing.

Frog NEWS and Baits Hitting the Shelves

Not much new to report in the month of March. The Bass Master Classic has come and gone and with it an influx of new baits, though not much in the way of frog gear. So lets spend some time looking at the newest in Frog Terminal tackle and modification gear


 Say that 3 times fast! - GreenFish Tackle paired with with FLW Pro Brandon Cobb to create the The Toad Toter which is in essence a naked buzz bait designed to be paired with your favourite soft plastic toad. What I like about the bait is that often buzz frogs and built around a specific frog (size) or include a couple throw away baits that ended up costing you money. The Toad Toter does  neither of these things and leaves you the choice to of which bait you want to run on it.. May I recommend the Gene Larew Three Legged Frog! - Available NOW

Watch for a review of the Toad Toter coming later this season.


Also from GreenFish is the Ploppin Toad Toter, obviously taking its name from the River2Sea Whopper Plopper as the two share a similar style blade, though this one comes from the front.
The Ploppin Toad Toter runs your soft plastic toad like an inline spinner giving it extra action all while keeping it up in the water column. I like the yellow bead version as it gives the fish a target and allows me to see it clearly.  - Available NOW


Building on the popularity of their Whopper Plopper River2Sea has designed a Frog Kit that allows you to upgrade and change the sound of any hollow body frog. Either by selection one of the two rattles or the plopper tail truly allowing you to decide how much you want your frog heard and seen.

These add on accessories can simply be attach via the stainless steel wire loops to the double frog hook. They wont fit fit every frog but are compatible with most major brands - Available NOW


Designed to work on soft plastic lures this glue will get your soft plastic toads back together in time.  Not only will Spike-It's™ glue have your lure as good as new, it won't stick to your hands! 
Fix-A-Lure  is also great for designing and customizing your own soft plastic toads. Try gluing on different kicker legs or even adding  a 3-D eye. This stuff should also help patching a puncture in hollow body frogs caused by the hooks during battle. - Available Now

Top Posts from @FrogAddicts

To get your pics features on the @FrogAddicts Instagram page just tag #FrogAddict in your post or send them via personal message, Here are the top from trending images from January 2018

#1 - @jjbailey16

@jjbailey16 breaking in his @team13fishing concept z with a @booyah_baits pad crasher jr

#2 - @johnnybasssss

@johnnybasssss with an impressive mix of frogs. Great mix of shapes, colors and retrieve styles.

#3 - @southjerseybassin

@southjerseybassin showing off his @stanfordbaits boom boom frog - let us know your initial thoughts?

#4 - @Lunkerz24_7

@lunkerz24_7 knows that size does matter. Not only did he upsize his frog to the @spro.u.s.a KingDaddy but he also upsized his rod to a @dobynsrods swimbait model.
Thanks for sharing man.

#5 - @sstony13

@sstony13 showing off yet another nice @booyah_baits pad crasher fish

Top 5 Frog Videos

Here they are, BassJunkies favourite frog videos from January 2018 (we may have cheated a bit here and there). As always be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for frog unboxing rviews, action on the water as well as a collection of our favourite frog fishing videos including the ones below. 

#1 - Dean Rojas talks frog fishing.. from the Begining

Dean Rojas sits down with MLF to talk about how he got into Frog fishing and how the game has changed since the 2000's

Feature Frog: Spro

#2 - Ish Showing off the Diawa Tatula Frog Rod

This is kind of a cheat as the original video is from 2017, but since the crew at Bass365 shared it again this past month.. it counts! Anyways check it out and see what one of the industries best frog fisherman looks for in a rod

Feature Frog: River2Sea Phat Matt Daddy

#3 - Froggin in a Kayak

This is a long one, but a fun one. Even just for that blow up in the first few seconds of the video. You gotta love frog fishing from a canoe or Kayak, they just get you into placed bass boats cant also sneak into.

Feature Frog :  ZOOM Frog

#4 - Scott Martin breaking down his  Signature Series Live Target Popping Frog

If you've fished top water baits then you have no doubt dealt with the odd encounter with a feathered monster trying to steal your bait or hooked fish., In this video watch as SeasBassSeb has a surprise encounter with an Owl! you don't see that every day

Feature Frog: LunkerHunt Lunker Frog


#5 -  Frog Fishing Tips from FISHERMN 

FisherMN takes a minute to walk us through a few of his favourite frogs as well as a few tips on how to put more fish in the boat. Ill be honest the one tip he offers up I had never heard and will be giving it a try for sure

Feature Frogs: Live Target, Reaction Innovations Swamp Donkey, Booyah Pad Crasher

Monthly GiveAWay Winner 

Congrats to @Minchew_Fishing our March giveaway winner, he is now the proud owner of a LiveTarget Hollow-body  Sunfish 

Winners have 30 days to claim their prize! Watch for giveaways at the start of each month, including this months prize a Stanford Baits Boom Boom Frog! Contest runs April 1st through April 8th

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