Saturday, May 19, 2018

Frog Fishing Quick Tips - Jeff Chisholm

Frog Fishing Quick Tips is a Instagram tie in feature in which we personally reach out to respected anglers at all  levels and ask them 7 quick frog fishing related questions. It's time to get personal

This Months Angler is..... 

Jeff Chisholm

Jeff Chisholm is a multi-species, year round angler, educator and guide.  Although he has finished in the top ten in both bass and walleye tournaments in the U.S. and Canada, his true passion is promoting the sport of fishing and teaching others the fundamentals so that they can achieve their own fishing success.

In 2013, Jeff was invited to be a guest for a few episodes on Fish TV.  This proved to be a great relationship and following that season, he was asked to join the show as a co-host.  Fish TV is the leading fishing and outdoor media company in Canada, airing on 8 national networks in Canada and 2 networks in the USA, totaling over 1200 episodes of Fish TV in North America each year.

As a co-host of a weekly fishing radio show entitled Hooked For Life, as well as a frequent seminar speaker, his continued efforts in teaching other anglers how to target various species with a multitude of techniques is evident.

Want to learn more...

Instagram: @jeff.chisholm or @TeamFISHTV

Facebook: Jeff Chisholm or FISHTV

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