Thursday, July 12, 2018

Frog Addicts Unboxing Review - Savage Gear Fruck

Welcome to Frog Addicts Unboxing reviews.  Here you will get an up close and personal  look at at BassJunkies initial thoughts on each new frog fresh out of the package and long befor it hits the water. You cant always judge a book by its cover, or a frog from its packaging.

 No rehearsals, no scripts,  but maybe a few edits. 

This week we take a look at the Savage Gear Fruck.  This frog or should I say duck bait is available in 2 sizes and multiple species crossing colors.

Product Description

ifty-percent frog, fifty-percent duck, one-hundred-percent effective, the Savage Gear 3D Savage Fruck offers a hybrid construction that is in a league-of-its-own in-terms of originality and effectiveness. Built upon a 3D scan of an actual duckling, the Savage Gear 3D Savage Fruck features a soft, collapsible body fitted with two sputtering duck feet that create a subtle, yet enticing bubble trail.

Built around an ultra-strong, ultra-sharp double frog hook, the Savage Gear 3D Savage Fruck delivers an enticing walking action and an enhanced weedlessness that allows it to move over the thickest vegetation. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Savage Gear 3D Savage Fruck delivers a one-of-a-kind construction that is aimed at the largest and hungriest bass that your fishery has to offer.

Product Specs
Weight: 3/4oz
Length: 3"

Watch for a full on the water review coming this summer!

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