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Frog Addicts Newsletter Vol 7 - July 2018

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Frog Addicts Newsletter. Each month we will be reviewing up to the minute frog and bass fishing related news plus recapping the previous months "Best Of" when it comes to social media, frog videos and more.. Here is what's happening in the world of frog fishing.

Frog NEWS and Baits Hitting the Shelves

With Icast 2018 now in our rear view window lets take a look at just some of the baits that will be available over the next few months

Gurgle Toad 
by Strike King

One of the first releases at ICAST 2018 was the Strike King Gurgle Toad, a soft plastic toad designed to  deliver a steady kick and bubble trail. The Gurgle can be fished by itself or threaded on the back of a buzzbait, and  features a horny toad style body and two J-shaped feet that generate a gurgling commotion as it shoots across the surface.

Available: Now!

Tip Toad
by YUM

Although we touched on this bait last month, it is now available in stores so I thought it deserved a second mention in the newsletter.  Officially released at ICAST 2018 is available in 10 colors. First impressions are that the Tip Toad should churn some serious water and may see some work under a flipping skirt or on the back end of a jig. 

Available: Now

Top Posts from @FrogAddicts

To get your pics features on the @FrogAddicts Instagram page just tag #FrogAddict in your post or send them via personal message, Here are the top five trending images from April 2018

#1 - @chriszalud17

What a view, looking like frog heaven - photo by @chriszalud17

#2 -  @rarely_indoors

 Great shot by @rarely_indoors of a @zmanfishingproducts frog fish. There is not a tougher frog on the market.

#3 - @jasonsealock

@jasonsealock breaking in the all new @zoombaitcompany Frog

#4  - @jofishphotography

frog addict @jofishphotography with a beautifully sloppy frog fishing pic.

#5 - @briezziee

@briezziee showing off a custom frog rod, it’s all about matching the hatch, lol. - not a bad looking @spro.u.s.a frog either

Top 5 Frog Videos

Here they are, BassJunkies favourite frog videos from April 2018 (we may have cheated a bit here and there). As always be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for frog unboxing reviews, action on the water as well as a collection of our favourite frog fishing videos including the ones below. 

#1 - Frog Fishing Details That Result in More Bass

The biggest challenge you face when pulling up to a massive grass mat is determining where bass are located. Wired2Fish intern and competitive high school angler Kobie Koenig talks about the types of bass-holding irregularities he looks for, and how to targets them with hollow body frogs. He adds several pointers ranging from when to downsize to smaller frogs, top color choices for the conditions, casting techniques and more in this action-packed video.

Feature Frog: Spro Bronzeye
Channel: Wired2Fish

#2 - 5 New Frogs You Should Try This Summer

There are some GREAT new frogs on the market that you need to try out! Tim shows some of his newest additions and explains what he uses them for. From open water to thick matted vegetation, there are a bunch of great new frogs on the market.

Feature Frog: Various
Channel: Tactical Bassin

#3 - She wants to go Frog Fishing

You guys ready to see Bethany lay the hammer to a big frog fish?

Feature Frog :  Spro Bronzeye
Channel: Alex Rudd Fishing

#4 - Zona Breaks Down Frog Fishing for Area Lakes

Zona offers insight on when frog fishing shines on natural lakes and discusses two different types of frogs and when each is at its best.

Feature Frog: Strike King Sexy Frog
Channel:Michiana Outdoor News

#5 -  Frog Fishing for Bass at Summit State Park

Multi tasking day on the lake! Taking a break from some wildlife photography to catch some bass on a top water frog lure

Feature Frog: Unknown
Channel: JasonLee

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