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Gene Larew.. Three Legged Frog Review

      Three Legged Frog:   Colors: 11        Sizes:  5inches        Weight: N/A      Pack Count:  5

                                        Leg Style: Swim           Scent: N/A


I know this seems kinda prejudice, since i started off with one of my favorite hollow bodies only to follow that up with one if not my favorite soft bodied Frog. The Gene Larew Three Leg frog has been a staple in my arsenal since it entered the market a few years back (2008). The best floating frog on the market today it churns water like no other, and excels in various situations. 

Overall Rating:  7.8/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 3/5

You may find it odd that I tout this as one of my favorite frogs only to slam it's quality right out of the gate. I guess I should clarify that the in slamming the quality, i do so noting that some things listed as faults are also things that make this frog a success.

Early faults that can be found would include the ultra soft body. You can compare it's consistency with that of a marshmallow, it is very soft, and can and will rip very easily. But the material used is essential to the frogs performance as a floater,  and also assists in good hook-up ratio (a key attribute)

The body of this frog is not only a rarity in that it is "marshmallowy" but also in the fact that it is comprised of a 2 piece body. The three legs/tail end are made of up the standard material used for most soft plastics, giving it the motion you would expect from a soft plastic bait. One down fall to many "floaters" is that the foam used  compromises motion, it is firmer and does not react the same in the water. The Gene Larew frog gives you the best of both worlds combining a floating foam body with plastic legs for motion.  The downside to a 2-pc body is that it gives the frog an additional breaking point, the legs  can be ripped from the body on a violent strike, thus making it useless. 

Castability: 4/5

Unlike traditional floating frogs, the Three Legged Frog is made of a denser foam and allows it to be cast for great distance. The shape of the frog also assists with casting distance making it a breeze to cast even in poor conditions. Because it is a floater it is lighter then traditional soft body frogs and this is why it did not get a 5/5

Presentation: 5/5

This is the area in which this frog excels. the three legs are able to churn water easily on a medium to fast retrieve,  yet float when killed (staying 100% above the water). This technique works great for buzzing in and over pads, and pausing in any open water holes. The three legs will also lengthen the life span of the bait. Often fish will rip off a leg during a fight or violent strike, having an extra leg ensures the frog is still good even if one leg is ripped off in battle (although the action is not quite the same)

If you want to add a little weigh, this frog fishes well on a swimbait hook. Look for hooks that have the weight pushed up close to the eyelet and not back weighted. This extra weight will allow the frog to sink nose first in a very slow and life like fashion. I opt for this method is sparse cover or when there is no cover at all. Many fish that were following will grab the bait once it starts to sink.

Hook-Up Ratio: 4.5/5

the Ultra soft body on this frog allows for a great hook-up ratio. The soft spongy material holds the hook in place well and allows for easy skin hooking to protect the point from pads, timber and other cover. Yet even the slightest pressure will pull it free and allow you to bury it home. A built in slit in the belly allows for good hook penetration leaving little to get in the way of your hook and the fish.

The Three Legged Frog also has a slender profile that allows the fish to take it into its month easily and the soft body will also ensure the fish holds on long enough for you to set the hook.

Availability: 3/5

This is a tuff one, although not as hard as some baits to find, it is not common in many on-line or local shops. Those that carry an abundance of Gene Larew prices will usually carry this frog at a reasonable price, but dont be surprised to see it pushing the $7 mark in speciality stores. (Even at that, it is worth a shot)

Options & Price: 4/5

The Three legged Frog comes in approximately 11 color options, some natural and some high vis. At any given time I usually have 3-5 colors with me. The bait is only available in one size at this time, but rumor has it there are some changes coming on the 2012 model (no images available at this time)

Price is reasonable averaging out at $4.70 a pack or $0.95 per bait. Again I will warn I have seen and paid over $7 when in a bind

Other Reviews:

For a frog that had some serious hype when launched at ICAST back in 2008 it is not exactly easy to find a product review.  I was not able to help you out on this one but please let me know if you come across any and I will add them to the site

Where to Find:

Here are some places you can purchase the Three legged frog. Be sure to check out local shops as well, as it is always good to support local business. 

Gene Larew ($5.13)

Tackle Warehouse is my recommendation when ordering this frog on-line. They have a wider selection then most and the price cant be beat. When ordering direct from Gene Larew, you will noticed that the site takes you to a second supplier Tulsa Tackle, you are not actually buying direct, hence the hefty price tag.

P.S I have never purchased from either Barlows Tackle or Lucky Lure, this is not a recommendation, just letting you know that they are available from these retailers


I'll start off with color preference. Like mentioned above I carry 3-5 colors with me. I really like the Chartreuse Pepper, and it is my go to color, but If the fish are looking for something a little more natural I like the black (and or black berry) along with natural green or green pumpkin. If you like white frogs I recommend giving the pearl/silver a shot over the standard white.

You have a few rod options when throwing this frog, and it all depends on how you want to us it. I like to use a Dobyns 735c when fishing it in and around cover. This rod has some length without being unwieldy and it has the perfect amount of tip and backbone for casting with accuracy and pulling fish out of cover.

When fishing in open water situations, I power down a bit, and use a Dobyns DX744, it is softer tipped and more sensitive, as you wont need as much backbone.

I fish both of these rods with braided line, in the pads I wont go below 40lb and in open water I wont go below 20lb. I use power pro but Im always trying something new so don't be surprised if this changes.

I hope you will give the Gene Larew Three Legged frog a test drive, Im positive you will be happy with the results. Just try to keep it to yourself, Im not looking forward to the next time I go to place and order and finding them "out of stock"


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