Friday, February 24, 2012

Scum Frog Review (Original)

The classic Scum Frog is just one frog in a long line of frogs produced by Souther Lure Company out of Mississippi. It has been on the market for eons (or so it seems) and was the first frog I ever had a decent success rate with. So it is only fitting that I start off the Pond with the frog that really made me the Frog loving fool I am today

     Scum Frogs (Classic)   Colors: 20+      Sizes:  4inches      Weight: 5/16oz     Pack: 1

Overall Rating:  7.5/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 4/5

Scum Frogs are made for a very flexible plastic that allow it to take substantial abuse on the water. it is not uncommon to have the body turned completely inside out after fishing a fish yet the plastic is still fully intact with no damage. I have had some scum frogs last me years.

Castability: 2.5/5

The ultra light weigh frog only has one flaw and this is the castability. On calm days and once you get your technique down you can throw this frog a mile.. but as one of the lightest frogs avaible it can be tricky to cast on windy/breezy days (or for those new to baitcasters)
Presentation: 3/5

It's tuff to give much credence to the presentation that a scum frog provides.. it's just a short blob with a short rubber stranded tail. But it seems to work. One issue you may find with the scum frog is what I call "the sit down", being that it is so light weight, it does not sit firmly on the pads and can be easily knocked into the air, when a fish strikes the pads. 

Patiences is more important with scum frogs then with other frogs, you really need to wait until you feel the fish, as any rod movement can and will move the frog out of the strikezone.

Hook-Up Ratio: 4/5

Taking the above into consideration, the hook-up ratio with scum frogs is fairly high (in my opinion). I believe this comes down to the ultra soft body and the small frame. The Scum Frog is the 1-bite brownie of the fishing world, even smaller fish can eat one whole. The soft plastic collapses easily and allows you to get one or both hooks into the fish. One more perk that I feel enhances the hook-up ratio is the lack of legs. Many other frogs have legs the protrude off the rear/side, just behind the hooks. These legs can effect hook-ups and how well the fish can get the frog in his mouth.

Availability: 4/5

The Scum Frog is one if not thee widest available frog on the market today (Spro and Live Target also top this list). I have found scum frogs on the shelves of on-line retailers big and small as well as most local bait & tackle shops that I frequent.

Options & Price: 5/5

The Scum Frogs price cant be beat, a hollow body frog with a price tag under $4 is unheard of in todays market. Many of the top selling frogs today retail for well over the $10 range and some over the $20 mark. Some people attribute this price to product quality, but I completely disagree (as you can see above). If you buy direct from Scum Frog you have a choice of 20 colors, and many retailers carry over half of them. The colors range from traditional/natural colors, to high vis presentations and clear.

Other Reviews:

Being that this frog has been around since the stone age, there is no lack of reviews to be found on-line. Many anglers like myself are highly devoted to this product and they even have their own FaceBook page. 

dont take my word for it, here are some other reviews on the classic Scum Frog

Bass Pro Shop (Customer Reviews)
TackleTour - (No Review Available)

These are the three site I will be learning on to provide additional review info. The BPS site has a great collection of customer reviews and TackleTour provides some of the best product reviews on the market today.

Where to find:
You can find Scum Frogs in almost all major retailers and Mom and Pop shops alike. With a price point coming in at under $4 it is easy to stock the shelves and appeals to weekend warriors and tournament anglers alike.

Bass Pro Shop ($3.49)

Land Big Fish ($2.99)

Fish USA ($3.25)

If you will heed my advice, I would recommend making your purchase from Land Big Fish, not only are they highly competitive with their pricing,  but they have the greatest color selection of all (other then buying direct from Scum Frog). 

Canadian Anglers will also like the fact that LBF provides shipping options of both UPS and USPS, this allows you to avoid those lovely fees that UPS hammers us with. 

As you can see from the above image I have a wide selection of Scum Frogs in my arseanal. My personal prefernce is to use the various "whites" and "clear" frogs. Scum Frog also offers a "Night Image" frog that glows and has a black frog silhouette on the bottom.
When it comes to rods,  I like to slightly power down my rod from a standard hollow body rod. Due to it's light weigh, a longer rod with a softer tip will allow you to cast  them further with greater accuracy. My personal preference is a Dobyns 735, and at times a 805. 
Because you are fishing them in heavy cover a bait-casting reel is still important and braided line rated over 20lbs is a must. I have thrown these on spinning tackle, so if you are new to baitcasters and scum frogs are causing you fits, dont be afraid to move over to a 2500 spinning reel.



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  2. what baitcast reel setup do you use for the scum frogs? Im in search of a baitcaster that can cast these frogs as far as my current spinning tackle setup!

    1. Hey, the reel I had the most luck with is a Shimano Curado 200E7, it is a nice low profile reel with a great break and drag system. Be sure to play with the breaks a lot when you are throwing a scum frog, I set them very light, almost lighter then Im normally comfortable with, this is a lite frog and it is the only way to get good distance.

      This year I purchased a couple Daiwa T3 Ballistic reels, they have an amazing break system and I feel they will be a great reel for scum frogs (just have not been able to test that theory just yet

      hope that helps