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Koppers Live Target: Walking Frog Review

      FGW105T:   Colors: 4        Size: 4 1/8"        Weight: 5/8oz      Pack Count:  1
      FGW118T    Colors: 4        Sizes: 4 5/8"       Weight: 7/8oz        Pack Count:  1

there are arguments for and against putting this bait into the frog category.. yes it is looks more like a frog then any other bait on the market, thanx to Live Targets high quality live like images.. but technically is this not just a standard sway-back or walking top water bait? and if we call this a frog does that mean that Heddon's Zara Spook is also a frog bait?, we will leave that argument for another day.. for my purposes I follow the old adage .. if it looks like a frog, walks like a frog, and fish eat it like a frog.. then it's a frog.

Overall Rating:  9/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 5/5

Lets face it, if there is one thing that Live Target is known for, it is the quality of the product they put in the water, whether it is the quality of the paint job, the quality of the hooks, or just the overall durability of the bait, they flat out make quality products, and to me, the Walking Frog is the best bait they have ever produced.

This hard bait is flawlessly designed and walks better and easier then most other frogs on the market today. The life like design and loud rattle really draw fish in, and the quality super sharp hooks make sure they stay pinned. This frogs best feature is the way it sits in the water on the pause, Live Target really nailed it here, as the tail hook hangs perfectly and makes it hard to miss when a fish blows up on it.

Castability: 4/5

The Walking frog body design ensures you get some serious casting distance when required. The slim design and weight/rattle system makes it a breeze to cast, but due to size and weight it can hit the water hard, and may take some practice to get your Olympic quality landing down pat.

Presentation: 5/5

I touched on this briefly above, but the sheer ease in which this frog moves in the water is one of the two main reasons I grade it a 5/5. The other is the "sit" I think many companies overlook how truley important the "sit" of a bait is.

Top water baits rely on their movement in the water as well as their sit when paused, and Live Target really nailed how a top water bait should sit.. tail down at close to a 45 degree angle, and really giving the fish a good look at their target (the hook)

Obviously the walk of the bait is just as important as the pause, and as mentioned above this bait walks well, and easily. I like that I was quickly able to learn multiple cadences, either moving fast and tight, or loose and wide depending on what I want to achieve.

Hook-Up Ratio: 4.5/5
Not to beat a dead horse here (or frog) but this bait has a superior hook-up ratio based primarily on the way it sits in the water, but obviously quality hooks are also key. Live Target walking frogs are one of the rare  lures that I don't immediately remove the treble hooks on. I find them to be strong and sharp, so why mess with a good thing?

Availability: 5/5
Com'on, lets be honest here, if you have not seen or had the ability to buy one of these frogs you must live in the desert, because any city, town or village near any form of water (even just large puddles) carries Live Target Lures. They are a quality bait, and they are what today's anglers want. And if you do live in a desert, as long as you have Internet access you should have no problem getting one on your line

Options & Price: 3.5/5

Still considered a relatively new product, I think we may see more sizes and colors in the future. But at this time we are looking at two size option and 4 colors. All are natural colors, and all look stellar. Personal preference for me is the shorter model (105T) in either the Green or Yellow.

Price will be a concern for some, it is priced in what I would call the "mid range" at anywhere between $9.99 and $12.99. This puts them above some of the old standards but below many of the other premium baits on the market. 

Other Reviews:

 launched at ICAST 2010 the Live Target frog series really turned the frog fishing scene on it's head. The introduction of the walking frog allowed even novice anglers to fish frogs and walk them like a pro, and it has spurred a new generation of frog fisherman as well as a generations worth of knock-offs as other manufactures try to keep up

Tackle Tour (autopsy)
Where to Find:

In case you are having a hard time finding these, here are some reliable options for you.
Tackle Warehouse ($11.99)

Land Big Fish  ($11.99)

E-Tackle (Canada) ($11.87) *Canadian

Bass Tackle Depot ($11.99) 


A new category to this every changing blog is this video portion. Why not share with you guys a little frog porn so you can see the frogs in action. I plan to film some personally this summer, but for now I will dig in the depths of You tube and share with you some great videos from other sources


This is one frog that I dont fish with my Dobyns 735c (although you could). When it comes to top water lures whether it is poppers, walkers or rip baits, I like to down size the length a bit and go with a 705cb or a 685cb. Both work a topwater bait well and still give you some nice power to muscle the fish out no matter the cover...docks, boat houses, pads and more

If you like to power down slightly when fishing topwater baits, check out a 734c, it has the perfect amout of tip and forgiveness for walking baits

So while some may debate this product being reviewed as a "frog bait" there is one thing that cant be debated.. this product is one of the best top water lures on the market today, and is the corner stone of the Live target family.. great work


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