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Snag Proof: Pro Series Tournament Frog Review

Pro Series Tournament :   Colors: 10+     Sizes: N/A   Weight: 1/4oz & 1/2oz      Pack Count:  1


Snag Proof has quite the extensive line up of frogs in their arsenal, starting with the nearly if not completely obsolete "Original Frog" all the way up to their signature series including "Bobbys Perfect" and the "Ish Phat Frog". Somewhere in the middle lies the Pro Series Tournament frog

Overall Rating:  6.5/10
Each frog is rated on the following criteria: Quality, Castability, Presentation, Hook-up Ratio Available Options, Product Availability & Price

Quality: 3/5

As my rating shows, I find the quality of this and most Snag Proof products to be average at best. The frog body is made of a firmer plastic then most frogs, that although durable it seems to puncture more easily then the softer more pliable frog bodies.

Snag Proof is not known for it's fancy designs or realistic paint jobs, and the price reflects this. So Im not going to sit here and complain about the look of frog as that would be same as complaining about the paint job on a classic Rapala or Big O. That being said, the Snag Proof frog line looks dated when compared to other offerings on the market today

Castability: 3/5

Like most frogs on the market the Pro Series is back weighted and casts pretty well. You should have no concerns getting some decent distant between you and your frog. 

Presentation: 3/5
The Pro Series frog suffers from an issue many early hollow body frogs suffer from, and that is how flat it sits in the water. Even with the weight situated towards the back-end of the frog, it sits nearly level in the water (back end up) , and  this can effect your hook-up ratio (see below).

Im also not a huge fan of the way the frogs legs stick out of the side of the bait, this restricts the frogs movement and makes it harder to walk then other frogs (this was improved in the Bobby's perfect series)

Hook-Up Ratio: 3/5
I have always had poor success with this frog. I find that the inset hooks and the way the legs protrude from the body get in the way of the hook. If using the Pro Series frog I usually opt for the smaller 1/4oz size to allow the fish to get more of the frog into it's mouth. I find you will not get as high a hook-up ratio when fishing are swatting at it rather then eating it whole, as you will with other frogs
Availability: 4/5
the Snag Proof line-up can easily be ranked up in the top three when it comes to availability, but as mentioned above the issue you will find, is the the Pro Series is just a small part of the line-up and will have limited options or selection in most retailers. Bobby's Perfect and the Ish Phat frog are far more widely available

Options & Price: 3.5/5

Any frog that is currently priced under $7 has to be considered a good buy. With the market growing  many companies are coming in with frogs priced at $10.99 and some as high as $19.99. If you are able to find this frog in the $5-$6 price range I would consider it a good buy

With 2 sizes, (1/4oz and a 1/2oz) and 10 colors to choose from, there is not lack of options. These are a throw back product, dont expect to see full color realistic paint jobs, what Snag Proof does best is simplicity, solid colors with a few poka dots 

Other Reviews:

again this is what many would consider a classic frog, yet it is very hard to come across any reviews on it, although Bobby's perfect and the Ish model both have been widely reviewed

Where to Find:

Snag Proof has pretty much flooded the market, and can be found nearly everywhere. With a wide selection of frogs at some reasonable prices you should not have a hard time adding one to your arsenal

Snag Proof ($7.50)

Land Big Fish  ($6.59

Bass Pro Shop ($8.99)

If you want full size and color selection you are best to buy direct from Snag Proof. Most other suppliers only carry limited stock in the color options. Since Snagg proof has such a large line-up you will find that most retailers carry a few frogs from each series, and never a complete line-up. 

As I kinda mentioned above, I like to throw the smaller version of the Pro Series frog, I find my hook-up ratio is higher then when I use the 1/2oz version of the same frog. That being said when you throw a smaller from you need to use lighter equipment. My go-to rod for Hollow Bodies is a Dobyns 736c, but with this frog I do usually down size and opt for a longer rod. In this case I move towards a 805c that allows me to cast this smaller sized frog better and still allows me to muscle it from cover.

Like with any hollow body I recommend using 40lb braid when fishing in cover. With smaller frogs I will try to get away with 20-30lb braid

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