Thursday, June 21, 2018

Frog Fishing Quick Tips Vol4 - Christian Gervais

Frog Fishing Quick Tips is a Instagram tie in feature in which we personally reach out to respected anglers at all  levels and ask them 7 quick frog fishing related questions. It's time to get personal

This weeks Angler is..... 

Christian Gervais Fishing

Christian is a passionate angler that spends over 100 days a year on the water, 
Sponsored by: Ranger Boats, Evinrude Outboards, Monde du Bateau, Spro U.S.A., Navionics, Dobyns Rods, The Rod Glove, VRX Fishing products, Sundog Eyewear, XZone Lures, Kamooki Lures, Lew's reels, Ego and Devcore.

His favourite Frog Rod is his Dobyns DX746C 

Want to learn more...

Facebook: Christian Gervais

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