Monday, October 29, 2012

SunLine FX2 Frog Line

Colors: 2  Sizes: 90yrd - 300yrd  Strength: 50-80lb 


Ok, as the season here in Ontario comes to a close I thought I should get in at least one Frog line review for the 2012 season. So here it is, a quick review of SunLine's FX2 for flipping and Froggin. I have been super impressed with that SunLine has to offer in both braids and fluorocarbon, and by the start of next season I believe that 80-90% of my reels will be running SunLine.. the other 10-20% will be testing out whatever new line hits the market.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10

Quality/Durability: 4.5/5

As an angler who uses frogs on each and every outing all season long, I can safely say I gave this line a good and thorough workout. I tired both the 50lb and the 60lb versions (in green only) and I was extremely happy with the results.

FX2 is a very smooth braided line, and it's tight round shape gives you great casting distance even when throwing lighter weight hollow bodied frogs. As you can see below FX2 has a very "rope" like look to it. The 8 strand braid makes for a very strong line with a very high breaking point. It is highly resistant to abrasion and can be fished all day long around rocks and timber with little after effects.

Unlike many other braids on the market FX2 holds it's color very well. Yes it will fade with use but not as quickly as other brands. No more dreaded green fingers after a day on the water.

I really like that this line has been designed strong for an application like Frog fishing, many other braids on the market work well for froggin, but SunLine spent the time to design a line that takes into consideration all the features a frog fisherman would look for in a line, strength, durability, abrasion resistance and casting ability.. not to mention it cuts through pads like a knife 

Availability & Price:  4.0/5

If you had asked me about this product at the beginning of the 2012 season I would have said " I never heard it" and that would have been the truth. Sun Line is not a brand commonly found in Ontario.. or should I say it was not commonly found, because at last check at least 4 of my go to tackle shops now carry  Sun Line. On top of that there is no shortage of on-line shops that offer FX2 some with more options then other (see below).

The price point is about standard what you pay for many high quality braids, am I happy about it?. no, but I cant fault them for falling in line with the competition.. considering FX2 is better then a lot of the competition.

Options : 3.5/5

 I don't know how many options you need when it comes to line, but I will say that Sun Line offers you two separate colours (Green and Blue) as well as weight ratings from 50-80lbs. At times I like to throw my soft plastic toads on 40lb line so I would like to see a thinner diameter line added, but in my opinion there is no need to go any higher then 80lbs when bass fishing
Where to Find:
In case you are having a hard time finding these locally, here are some reliable options for you.

Bass Tackle Depot ($16.99 - $38.99)

Tackle Warehouse ($38.99) * 300yrd only

Land Big Fish ($17.99)*125yrd only

The Hook-UP ($18.99 - $34.99)

SunLine FX2 is the current leader in frog fishing lines, I will contiue to run it on both of my frog rods until another competitor steps up to knock them off the podium.. Any challengers?

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