Sunday, February 11, 2018

Frog Addicts Unboxing Review - The Jackall Kaera Frog

Over the past few review seasons I have received more and more requests for video reviews of the frogs I test and rate. This can often be a time consuming task and I don't know about you but in the summer months there is not place Id rather be then on the water so on water video reviews are still on hold (for now).

But with my readers in mind I have added a new feature for this year that is called "A Frog Addict Unboxing" in these short video clips you will get my first thoughts and opinions on new frogs as I take them out of the package for the very first time. 

Bare with me here as this is truly a work in progress.. but for now here is the first official Frog Addict Unboxing of the Jackall Kaera frog.

Watch for an on the water review coming later this season!

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