Thursday, February 1, 2018

Frog Addicts Newsletter - Volume 1

Welcome to the inaugural Frog Addicts Newsletter. Each month we will be reviewing up to the minute frog and bass fishing related news plus recapping the previous months "Best Of" when it comes to social media and frog videos!

Here is what's happening in the frog world

Hitting the Shelves

It might by early in 2018 but there are many new frogs already on the shelves while others are not to far away.

I love seeing that Tackle Warehouse has 10 frogs listed in their "New" section, these include a 4 baits from the perennial knock off machine that is Castaic, as well as four from the Canadian Power House LunkerHunt. - Available Now!

After Making a splash (again) at ICAST expect the Prop series of frogs to be in and out of stock often in 2018. So if you have the chance you may want to take available of them being in stock now and grabbing your colour of choice.  - Available Now!

Another LunkerHunt release is currently playing second fiddle to the Jackall Kaera, the LH Compact frog is a nice tight little package that I expect to perform well in the coming season. - Available Now!

Next up is the River2Sea Ish Monroe Matt Phat Daddy (please someone stop letting Ish name frogs). At first glance this frog looks like a standard River2Sea BullyWa series frog, but if you take a peak between its legs you will find a nice surprise... a removable rattle - Available Now

The Livingston Freddy B is a frog in High Demand, and at time of writing it is in stock (most colors anyways) but most places were sold out during the majority of Jan 2018. If you have been hesitating on pulling the trigger, i wouldn't wait - Available Now

If you read out article about the Stanford Boom Boom frogs you will remember that it is one of the baits we are most excited to review in 2018. Not currently available in stores, you can pre-order yours directly from Stanford with a projected ship date of early March 2018 - PRE ORDER ON NOW

Top Posts from @FrogAddicts

To get your pics features on the @FrogAddicts Instagram page just tag #FrogAddict in your post or send them via personal message, Here are the top from trending images from January 2018

#1 - @fishslayersri 

using the garlic power d @lakeforktrophylures Fork Frog to land this beauty

#2 - @chrisgervaisfishing

@spro.u.s.a team member @chrisgervaisfishing chooses the @dobynsrods Savvy SS735C when frog fishing. Here’s why: “ I particularly like this rod because I usually fish very heavy cover, and rated with mag heavy power, it as tonnes of backbone, giving me the confidence that I will have all the strength I need to control and bring the largest of bass to the boat each and every time. I love the fact that this rod has an extra-fast tip and gives me a solid hookset. The key to having a high hookset ratio is to take your time before setting the hook. “

#3 -@theidleout

@theidleout putting his @dobynsrods 736 frog rod to good use.. and I think I spy a @_river2sea_ BulkyWa in that beasts mouth

#4 - @oliphantography

frogaddicts CAUTION - CHOKING HAZARD - @oliphantography doing damage with his @livetarget frog

#5 -@addiptedtofishing

@addiptedtofishing with 5lb frog fish he caught using _______?

Top 5 Frog Videos

Here they are, BassJunkies favourite frog videos from January 2018 (we may have cheated a bit here)

#1 - Brandon McMillan Goes All Out!

It doesn't get much better then this! FLW Pro Brandon McMillian goes all out for a big bass while fishing the FLW tournament on Lake Okeechobee Jan 2018.

You made us all proud!

Feature Frog: Unknown!

#2 - BamaBass rolls up his pants for some extreme frog fishing!

At over 200,000 views there is a pretty big chance you've already seen this video from BamaBass (posted back in June 2017). But if you haven't this is a must see frog video of a man who doesn't take no for an answer. Big Fish, Big Blow-Ups .

Feature Frog: Sprinker Frog 

#3 - Bobby Lane talks swim Toads

A quick video from Bobby Lane showing off how to fish is all new Rib Toad from Berkley. Watch for a review of the Rib toad coming this season!

Feature Frog : Berkley PowerBait Rib Toad

#4 - Dean Rojas offers up a couple tips to improve your success with a Spro Bronzeye

In this short video the Mayor of Frog Town Dean Rojas offers up a couple tips to improve your success when fishing around duck grass and milfoil. Listen when this man speaks to you!

Feature Frog: Spro Bronzeye

#5 - Lintner & Davis Frog Fishing on Guntersville Part 2

Although this is pretty much a promo video for the Jackall Kaera Frog and everything else in the Shimano family of products, it does give you a good first look at a pretty popular frog. Watch for our review of the Kaera from sometime during the 2018 season

Feature Frog: Jackall Kaera Frog

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