Sunday, February 11, 2018

What's Old is new again - Booyah Introduces the Toad Runner

Over the course of the past week Booyah Baits has been teasing their social media followers (myself included) by slowly leaking details and offering quick glimpses at a new frog that they would be showcasing on Friday Feb 9th that would then be released sometime this spring.  The excitement was noticeable since this was Booyah’s first completely new frog since the introduction of the Pad Crasher line back in 2012, so it goes without saying that Booyah Fans (myself included) had our credit cards ready. 

And then they showed it to us… and it looked kinda familiar, way too familiar actually. 

The reason it looks familiar is that Booyah is essentially re-releasing the Teckel Sprinker frog on a new and improved Pad Crasher frog body (I’ll get more into that in a minute)

I’m really struggling here as Booyah has been making new and unique quality baits for awhile now and unlike many other of the big boys they have also been keeping their pricing in check so that anglers like you and I could afford their product, but this stings a bit.

I’ve recently been critical of other Baits companies (cough… cough… Castasic.. cough… cough) for putting their name on product they clearly borrowed (way to nice of a word) from their competitors, so to stand here and not call out Booyah would feel wrong.

So here goes.. Shame on you for taking an innovation made by another and putting your name on it. Shame on you for not even trying to disguise what your were doing (I mean come’on it is an exact copy if the Sprinker foot!) and finally shame on you for actually promoting and making a bit deal of it.

Shame on us for pretending we didn’t notice or even worse didn’t care.

Ok, enough of that, lets talk about some of the interesting changes that Booyah made an didn’t just take. 

The Booyah Toad Runner has a slimmer sleeker profile then its older brother and the added side rails were designed to help it get up on plane more easily while ensuring it stays upright. 

Though the foot shape is nearly identical to the Sprinker  the Toad Runners foot is attached with a molded in wire which can be bent to change the action and sound of the tail . The Frogs silicone legs have been trimmed down into to keep clear of the paddle foot while still adding to the frogs overall presentation.

Pre-Sales are on now with the Toad Runner projected to hit the shelves in early spring. 

Don't be fooled this will be a popular frog as it builds on last years best seller/

Photos From: @Booyah_Baits instagram

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  1. I'd expect better from Booyah...Be a leader not a follower